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Is tire pressure 2.5 normal?
Release date:2020.03.10

As the car has become an indispensable transportation tool in life, for the owners, the daily maintenance must be indispensable. After all, some damage to the car, it is sure to bring a very big safety hazard to the owner. Although many car owners will be more headache car maintenance, but there is one thing on the car even maintenance can not eradicate, that is the car tire pressure. Is tire pressure 2.5 normal? It's a trick for the novice! Listen to the mechanic finish, finally understand!

Therefore, the tire is an important part of the whole car and the ground contact, so to a large extent determines the owner's safety. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the inspection and maintenance, some owners will often send to the 4S shop, above the stones, sand and so on to clean, but can only make the car more clean, and can not play a role, serious will also lead to tire aging, damage!

And because the external blow is not big, the hidden trouble that can affect the tire is the internal gas pressure instead, that is, the so-called tire pressure. Many people think that a tire pressure of 2.5 or 2.7 would be safe, but it actually has a great influence on the driver's normal driving and temperature.


Due to the influence of the weather, such as in the winter, the tire pressure needs to be lower and higher in the summer. The road is slippery in winter, so the lower the tyres, the more grip. Summer is the need to reduce the area of contact with the ground, the tire pressure adjustment a few higher!

As for the car equipped with tire pressure monitoring device, it can better monitor the condition of tire pressure. And the country is also mandatory to install a tire pressure detection system in every car in 2020, to reduce the number of accidents caused by flat tires!