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What should I do if the motorcycle wheel is punctured?
Release date:2020.03.10

Actually about tires tire this completely depends on the status of the case, once heard someone say high speed tire tore a large hole, he article put the tube in to continue with this statement, don't believe and don't try, especially the rear wheels, basically it's jokes about his life, tyre internal temperature rise to between driving near the high temperature of baidu, in this way when there is no guarantee that the inner tube produced by abnormal friction and device instantly discouraged, if it is at high speed under the consequence will be unimaginable.


In the photo, the rear wheel of the Indian Chief looks like after the puncture of the tire at 120km/h, which is quite horrible. It is lucky that the person with such damage is ok, the tire is just replaced directly, and he doesn't even need to repair it.

The way of filling tires is divided into internal and external filling. Usually we buy in the store commonly known as "spicy dry tofu" plug tools are external repair tools, this tool is not bad, but can only be used for emergency. When the unfortunate encounter puncture condition in the journey, as long as there is a replacement tire plug and high pressure cylinder, do the appropriate disposal, can avoid the situation of punctured tires. But after the outside of the tire is not recommended to use the usual speed and way of driving, because after using this tool to repair the tire is only to help you with a relatively slow speed back to the place where the tire problem is dealt with, let the professional after the tire removed to judge whether this tire can continue to use.

If you can continue to use, it is also recommended to use the method of internal complement. Internal repair is to repair the damaged hole from the inside of the tire by the way from the inside out.

For example, in the case of Dunlop/Dunlop tyres, the tyre factory recommends a maximum of 0.65cm for the repairable tear and requires that internal repair be used. After completion of repair, also it is strongly recommended that the owner after repair the first 24 hours of driving speed is not more than 80 km/h, while the tire repaired more than 120 km/h speed is not recommended, and suggests the owner after repair vehicles stand for more than three hours after the first measurement a tire pressure, and then according to the number to follow after the vehicle tire pressure before compare to confirm the repair is completely successful, no continue to leak. Dunlop tires also do not recommend the use of commercially available liquid tire repair agents, etc.

Comprehensive personal, specialty stores, with the tire manufacturer's recommendations, basically decided after a child he, still can use should be based on the case of tire Angle, depth, location and so on, and finally the most important thing is about the tyres have to be wary of this matter we not by luck, ride on the road the area of contact with the ground added up to no more than a postcard size before and after, rather than with their wallets, can not also don't matter your body and life safety.

Prevention of motorcycle puncture knowledge

1. Check before traveling to ensure the correct air pressure.

2, control the driving according to the correct method, do not cause premature and excessive tire wear on the operation.

3. Regularly remove foreign bodies from the cracks in tires, such as stones and silt. To keep the tire from external effects of driving safety and the possibility of foreign body injury.