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The motorcycle is slow and slow. Do you know what's going on?
Release date:2020.03.10

A common reason why motorcycles run out of power

I. clutch slide, replace clutch slide;

Clean carburetor and air filter;

Iii. Valve is too tight, adjust valve clearance at about 0.06mm;

Four, the CAM rocker arm friction damage is too large, change the CAM rocker arm.

Motorcycle, driven by gasoline engine, two wheel or tricycle steering by hand, light and flexible, fast, widely used for patrol, passenger and cargo transport, also used as sports equipment. In the general direction, motorcycles are divided into streetcars, road racing motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, cruise cars, station wagons and so on.


Motorcycle running without the maintenance of knowledge

Check whether the air filter is clean, mainly to see whether the filter element (usually a piece of sponge) is clean, if stuck with dust, can be washed clean with soap and dry again. If this is the case, the car will sound muffled, the gas door, the exhaust pipe issued a very thick smoke.

Check the cylinder pressure is normal, can put the spark plug screw down, digs the spark plug hole with your thumb, then step on to start the treadle, if you are by revealing how hard again, it is normal, if not after holding the gas jet, is the cylinder or combustion chamber blow-by, see you said check the reed valve, this car is two stroke, closely, can check whether the following cylinder head and cylinder gasket is damaged, whether the cylinder wear and make the piston and cylinder wall has a gap. If four-stroke cars to check whether the exhaust valve leakage, the main check valve clearance, has returned to the piston top dead center (marked on magneto, aligned with tag on a chassis it is ok, if not the spark plug unscrew backwards into the spark plug hole, light on starting lever slowly, when the spark plug is to the top, the piston is at top dead center).

Voice a fullness, if car air filter and clean, then check the exhaust spewing waste gas is strong, can use the palm of your hand in vent feelings, if there is no strength and temperature is very high, it may well be the exhaust pipe is blocked, can remove the unblock or change, also check the cylinder on the vent blockage (common) on the two stroke engine.

If it is a car with gear, see whether the engine speed is high and the speed is not coming, if it is, it is likely to be clutch slip, should replace the clutch friction disc, if it is a car with infinitely variable speed (basically is a scooter), should check whether the centrifugal disc ball wear, transmission belt wear and slip.

You said that the carburetor has been changed, but also should check whether the carburetor is adjusted properly, mainly to check whether the air screw is screwed to death, the correct should be the air screw screwed to death in the return about 1.5.

The last check should be 0.05--0.07 mm when the valve clearance is cold. If the clearance is too small or there is no clearance, the valve will leak. If the clearance is too large, there will be great noise, and the valve and rocker arm will be damaged. In addition, if there is carbon accumulation on the valve, it will make the valve closed loosely and leakage, but this should be removed cylinder head inspection, if they will not be removed, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to check.