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When motorcycle is long-term storage need not, how should maintain?
Release date:2020.03.16

As the saying goes, the more you wear a machine, the more durable it is. Just like a car or a motorcycle, it is easy to break down if you leave it in place. Especially now on the market motorcycle with electric injection oil supply system, and the traditional carburetor model is not quite the same, electric injection model electronic components are more, if you do not use the motorcycle for a long time to pay attention to its maintenance.

So what do you need to pay attention to for the long-term storage of motorcycles? Lao wang gave us a few summary today, the following is to look at it together.

1. Thoroughly clean the vehicle


Because want long-term storage, it is very necessary to ensure the cleanliness and dryness of the vehicle first, and then store it in a dry and cool and ventilated place, I believe this is also the basic knowledge of storage vehicles.

2. Protect the body

Say meticulously the surface besmear of the car body that has paint namely wax, the part that makes rubber qualitative material is sprayed on rubber protective agent, and the metallic surface that a few do not have lacquer sprays antirust agent, such ability is advantageous to the long time of car deposit.

3, give the tires enough air

Because it needs to be stored for a long time, it is inevitable that the tire will gradually become a little bit deflated in this process and can be a little bit higher than the standard tire pressure. If there are conditions, with a large frame to support the motorcycle at the same time can also be placed before and after the tire suspension.

4. Fuel emission

The oil in the tank should be discharged, after all, a long time without gasoline will volatilize and deterioration, such as the later use of variable oil will cause damage to the fuel pump.

5. Remove the battery and charge it regularly

Because of the long time not used, the motorcycle engine does not work and the battery runs out of power. Removing the battery and keeping it charged for two or three months can effectively guarantee the battery's service life. Pay attention to remove the negative electrode first, if necessary, the electrode and interface are clean.

In addition to the above basic maintenance tips, there is a little about the problem of lubricating oil, if soon to the maintenance cycle is recommended to replace the lubricating oil together, if just changed soon there is no problem.