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Motorcycle lubricants, what is the difference between synthesis and minerals?
Release date:2020.03.16

The lubricating oil of the motorcycle basically has lubricate action, but still can hold concurrently at the same time come loose heat, clean, seal, prevent rust to wait for additional action concurrently, however different standard lubricating oil, the actual use effect that place shows gives is different.

As an essential liquid for motor vehicles, lubricating oil is not crude oil, but a kind of car oil extracted through synthesis. According to the different lubricating effect, it can be divided into minerals, complete synthesis and semi-synthesis.

There was no such subdivision of the early car oil, which was basically a relatively low-end mineral oil. However, with the continuous improvement of vehicle performance, the lubrication was more and more strict, so the emergence of synthetic lubricating oil.

It is reported that synthetic lubricating oil is a kind of lubricant specially developed for aircraft engines, but later because of the excellent lubrication effect, so slowly applied to civilian vehicles, where the first difference between minerals and synthetic lubricating oil appeared, simply put, is a different formula.

According to the data, the composition form of synthetic lubricating oil is relatively complex, which is a kind of advanced lubricating oil produced by scientific organic synthesis.

Mineral lubricating oil is relatively simple, is directly extracted from crude oil, so its composition is relatively simple, and semi-synthetic lubricating oil is mineral and total synthesis according to a certain proportion of the mix. Of course, this is just a brief introduction. If you dig into it, it will involve a lot of technical terms, while for ordinary users, a general understanding is enough.

Since the lubrication effect is not the same composition structure is different, so the final price will have a big difference, the overall price of mineral lubricating oil will be relatively low, and the total synthesis will be expensive, after all, it is a high-tech product.

In addition to the above points of different, the several kinds of lubricating oil is closely related with us is to change the frequency, motorcycle mineral lubricating oil normally best replacement in 2000 km mileage, half synthesis can be extended to 3500 km, total synthesis basically can keep even higher, around 5000 km so use frequency is taller, choose total synthesis will be more cost-effective.

Through the above brief introduction, it can be seen that the lubricating oil is only a unified name of the oil, its internal classification will be more, among which the mineral and oil, the main difference between the composition of the formula, the final price, lubrication effect, replacement cycle and other four major aspects.


How to choose the later lubricating oil? Completely depends on the vehicle characteristics and use demand, neither can blindly worship the whole synthesis, also can not despise the existence of minerals, only according to their actual use demand, can the potential of the current lubricating oil to the maximum.