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Are motorcycles more fuel-efficient than cars?
Release date:2020.03.16

A lot of people regard the motorcycle as their most commonly used travel tool, although it compared with the car fuel consumption is much lower, but for everyone, or hope to be able to reduce the cost, that is, think can let fuel consumption down. But some people in the use of some fuel-saving methods, fuel consumption is still high, so always do not know what is going on in the middle. Actually motorcycle is not fuel efficient, the key is to see the following points.


Motorcycle every day on the road, and the air filter adsorption on a lot of dust and impurities, if it is not clear in time, will cause the air intake does not open, so that the mixture too thick, it won't be so fully on the combustion, this will greatly increase the fuel consumption of the motorcycle, if the dust on the air filter into the carburetor, there will be a strong sense of frustration, so whether the fuel-efficient, air filter is a key, remember to check or replace.

The tire pressure of the motorcycle directly affects the car's fuel consumption, because the tire and the ground contact, if the pressure is too low, the contact area will increase, then the resistance will also follow the increase, fuel consumption is naturally high. But a lot of people think, the motorcycle has gas can be judged by themselves, but because the tire wall is thicker, so from the appearance of the look is not very obvious, thereby increasing the friction of the tire, fuel consumption is also high.

Braking system is often used to ride a motorcycle, but in the process of using, the brake will produce a lot of powder, the powder into the pin and pin tube crevice, when the water in the air after the combination, and powder will rust or impurities, so the brake at the time of return, it is not so smooth, that will also lead to increased fuel consumption, so should be periodically to check the brake return, this brake sensitive, fuel consumption will be lower.

Motorcycle is not fuel efficient, with riding speed also has a certain relationship, many people think that riding slowly will save fuel, but this is wrong, because the motorcycle for a long time to run, the temperature of the engine will be too high, so the power loss is relatively large, the corresponding fuel consumption will also increase. However, riding fast also does not save fuel, high engine speed will also make the temperature high, if it is a car with 125 displacement, it is best to control between 40 and 55 miles.

Thus it can be seen that the discretion of the motorcycle fuel consumption influenced by many factors, so want to fuel-efficient, besides choice in displacement, the above also need to pay attention to these points, so in the process of riding at ordinary times, to check for motorcycle, there is a problem to handle in time, the speed to keep balance, to achieve the purpose of fuel economy.