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How does a motorcycle reflect the riding quality?
Release date:2020.03.16

Now, motorcycle sales have increased, most of them are young people, and these people need not only a vehicle to travel tools, but also can give them a fun ride texture, but what is riding texture? A lot of people think that motorcycles are more experienced than cars. No matter whether they are travelling by transport or motorbike, they pay attention to the feeling of integration of people and cars. Where can they experience the riding texture?

Motorcycle riding texture from many aspects, frame is one of them, but not often play motorcycle people are not feeling out, but the entry level and top car at a glance to know the difference. In the process of cycling, the vehicle's attitude change will be stressed, and then the frame will be slightly deformed, the rigid frame of the car can deal with a variety of situations, any attitude can deal with, give the rider more confidence.


The feeling of power also has a greater impact on the riding quality. The greater the displacement, the greater the power, and the displacement can more directly experience the riding quality of the motorcycle. If it is more than 600CC motorcycle, when riding there is a strong sense of pulling, then the power will also be on call. If it is a motorcycle below 250CC, it can only be said to maintain the motorcycle riding, there is no passion and pull feeling, the power directly affects people's feelings of the car.

Motorcycles need to be able to run as well as stop, so the feeling of braking affects the ride's texture. If a motorcycle is equipped with brake calipers and the size of the brake disc, depending on the positioning of the car, the entry-level model is relatively light body, power is also small, the speed of nature is not fast. If the configuration is enough, when the brake will be very confident, if the brake is not strong, no matter how tough the car also dare not ride too hard, so riding with the brake also has a great relationship.

In addition, the exquisite degree of workmanship also brings a part of the riding texture. If the buttons on the handlebar are exquisite in workmanship and have a hand feel when operating, it also has a certain impact on the riding. Like some domestic small displacement motorcycle, in the workmanship is relatively rough, the touch of the buttons on the handle is not so good, it will feel uncomfortable, thus affecting the overall riding texture.

It can be seen that the riding quality of a car is affected by a variety of factors, and these aspects also reflect the design of the manufacturer, as well as the basic skills of manufacturing. Generally, the car with high positioning is better than the car with low positioning in terms of riding texture, and the car with a focus on comfort and movement will be slightly stronger than the general car texture, some of which are intuitive to see, some of which should be experienced when riding.