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How exactly is the motor oil changed and when?
Release date:2020.03.25

Oil as a motorcycle engine indispensable liquid, it main sealing, cooling, cleaning, lubrication, buffer role, but with the increase of using time, the performance of the engine oil will drop, on the premise of this will need to be replaced, otherwise the engine will overheat, sound, adverse reactions such as power down.

But the standard of oil replacement vary, but it is worth affirming that the oil replacement of the most simple intuitive reference standard is, the number of miles of the vehicle, because the vehicle to a certain number of miles, the performance of the oil will be reduced, this is well documented, so the oil replacement of the first reference standard is the number of miles.

Under normal circumstances, the running in period of 500km replacement, can be replaced once every 1000 km, until the end of the running in period basically 2000 to 5000km replacement.


In addition to the reference mileage, the oil replacement also needs to be judged according to the quality of the selected lubricating oil, which is also the main reason for the different mileage replacement after the end of the run-in period. Normally, the mineral must be replaced at a time of 2000km, while the total synthesis can be extended to 5000km.

In addition still has an important reference standard is to join time, this one for normal driving motorcycle is not important, but the stop-and-go or motorcycle use frequency is low, look at the oil quality and the use of mileage will delay the replacement lubricating oil, so whatever join quality lubricating oil in normal circumstances, must be replaced once half a year, otherwise the engine at its most basic lubrication requirements will not meet.

Through the above introduction can see, judge whether the motorcycle lubricating oil needs to be replaced, the main reference mileage, followed by reference to the quality of lubricating oil and add time, only in this way can reasonable maintenance of the vehicle.

But this process also can appear some special cases, if the oil emulsification increase or less, is need to replace lubricating oil in advance, because if you continue to use the engine will only cause unnecessary wear and tear, so you also need to check the quantity of lubricating oil and color, only in this way can let the normal protection of engine oil.