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Throttle suddenly jammed, hard on the brake is no use, 3 action can save the car in the fire
Release date:2020.03.25

Must have a lot of friends are very love their car driver, is not only sometimes will take your car to be serviced at ordinary times some 4 s shop for maintenance regularly, especially in the car on the road, also will be careful driving, for fear that his car crashed or is met, then leave the body damage, repair bad repair also very troublesome.

And safe driving is actually the awareness of every driver, which is not only about the appearance of the car, but also about the safety of people and cars. If we don't pay attention to driving safely, we will be responsible for the accident. However, although many car owners pay great attention to safe driving, there will still be a lot of accidents. When driving, the road conditions are complex, and the car itself will appear some unknown problems and faults, once these accidents happen, the owners will often feel very flustered, scrambling, do not know how to deal with, especially some novice drivers.


Today's accident is the throttle stuck. Some car owners may not believe the occurrence of this kind of situation, but in fact there is still a great chance, not to mention some new cars, as long as it is a little bit older cars are likely to happen throttle jam. Due to usually do not pay attention to maintenance or parts rust and other reasons, throttle card, brake is not working often. In particular, some car owners like to put the accelerator to accelerate, but when the release of the foot, but suddenly found that the accelerator can not come, this kind of thing is quite disturbing.

And when that happens, many people are not prepared. If the accelerator gets stuck and the brakes don't work, the car will keep going at that speed. At this time, many drivers will panic.

But if this happens, we must not panic, follow the steps to do these three actions. The first action is to clench the steering wheel. If you're not crossing a traffic light, clenching the steering wheel will at least keep the car in control and you won't have to hit anything. The first is to grip the steering wheel, steer the car, and avoid objects or other cars that might hit.

Then the second action is to quickly switch gears with one hand, if the car is manual, you can switch gears to neutral, and if the car is automatic, you can switch gears to N. At this time due to the sudden increase of the engine speed and gear between the contradiction, the computer will report an error error code, and then let the engine oil supply system automatically cut off oil, this time the speed of the car will slow down, we can also through the handbrake to control the car taxi.

And the third action is relatively simple, through the nervous process of oil, we just need to control the taxi car, the car to a relatively safe section, and then with the handbrake will stop the car, at this time our car safety will be guaranteed. But in order to prevent the throttle stuck, usually must pay attention to the maintenance of their love car.