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Motorcycle helmets also have a shelf life. How long did yours last?
Release date:2020.03.30

Why do motorcycle helmets have a shelf life?

The shelf life of motorcycle helmet is not an exact number, but a range of use, playing motorcycle for a long time will naturally hear that the shelf life of helmet in 3-5 years, some friends may wonder, why the shelf life of helmet?

First, let's take a look at the opinion of the authority organization on the replacement period!


The Snell Foundation, which represents the highest standards for helmet safety, said on its website;

Helmet manufacturers and the Snell Foundation agree that the glue, resin and other materials used in the production of helmets affect the material inside the helmet.

Head oil, sweat, makeup, and wear and tear can degrade the helmet's performance;

Oily detergents, paint paint, fuel and other commonly used materials may also affect the safety of helmets.

And because of time, the shell material of the helmet will age, with the passage of time, there will be changes that we can't see;

Like composite materials, the older the resin, the more brittle, the impact will be reduced. In the case of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the fracture of the fiber is unpredictable;

In our usual use can not avoid the wind and sun exposure and some minor knock, are on the helmet impact resistance and protective effect.

How long can a motorcycle helmet last?

Past experience has shown that every five years, new helmets take a leap forward in functionality and safety as materials, design, manufacturing methods and safety standards improve.

So replacing your helmet every five years is a rational choice.

Two useful bits of information can be gleaned from the Snell Foundation's more official statement!

1. Daily use will cause loss of helmet material (especially lining and fixing device), thus affecting its safety performance;

2. The leap and upgrade of the helmet development cycle in five years make the new helmet qualically different from the old helmet five years ago and have to be replaced.

Moreover, the foam inside the helmet also has a life span. The moisture content inside the new helmet foam is quite large, and the water content becomes less and less over time, which has an impact on the density of the foam, and thus has an impact on the shock absorption capacity, and it is also easy to cause embrittlement.

Also some people may say, my helmet wore for so long also did not see crack ah bad ah what, small make up want to say, the aging of the helmet is reflected in the fall, anti-wear, anti-extrusion, anti-penetration, etc., usually wearing may not be found, only in the accident can be reflected.

But for our own safety, don't try.

When you buy a helmet, pay attention to the production date!

What is the so-called five-year cycle?

There are generally two algorithms for a 5-year cycle

The first is calculated from the date of manufacture;

The first is to count from the date you first started using it.

The main reason of "deterioration" of helmet is the wear and tear of daily use.

Generally speaking, more people agree with the second view.

Of course, you still need to use common sense!

For example, if you take a new helmet from decades ago that you didn't use, do you think it still works?

Of course not. They didn't even have an EPA tank, and they didn't have the same safety features as modern helmets.

Overall, helmet development will be different in 5 years. The difference between the new helmet and the helmet of 5 years ago is more about functionality and comfort.

Since the new motorcycle helmet is better to use, better to look at, and safer, it is necessary to change it!