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How do you maintain a motorcycle?
Release date:2020.03.30

This is a patient but highly beneficial method for car maintenance. The general motorcycle in the stay for about three hours, the engine oil between the parts of the vast majority of the oil has been out, through the oil channel back to the crankcase, the parts of the contact surface oil is little, or even no.

False so the car did not warm up and immediately start, the parts between the formation of a dry friction process, causing their rapid wear and tear, and because of the start of driving, the load increased sharply, the greater the strength of dry friction.

And the longer the dry friction time, the greater the load, the faster the parts wear. So there is a process of warming up the car.


Preheating is the car after the start, the use of idle speed or slightly higher than the idle speed of the speed, the engine in the case of no load operation, make the oil in front of the car fully supply to the various moving parts, formed a protective film, make the oil play, this protection process before the start, will greatly reduce the engine wear.

The time of preheating is selected according to the temperature and the time for the lubricating oil to reach each lubrication point. Because the lower the temperature, the greater the oil viscosity, the more fluid oil needs to preheat the car can reduce fuel consumption.

Carburetor adjusted relative to the best state is: idle in a hot car, engine speed and the lowest will not stall, is urgent to add and subtract the throttle, engine speed corresponding actions can quickly and smoothly, but in the cold car started, will be shut down because of low speed, avoid forced car is "come on poor performance" or "oil shortage" phenomenon.

Whether a motorcycle is fuel efficient or not is closely related to the atomization degree of fuel. The combustion chamber after preheating is at a higher temperature, and the combustible mixture into the combustion chamber USES its volatilization to obtain further atomization, so that the fuel oil plays a higher efficiency.

In an unheated engine, there is little further atomization. Therefore, the carburetor mixing ratio concentration is adjusted to a relatively large extent for motorcycles that can run normally without preheating. When the engine is hot, the mixture becomes too thick, resulting in greater fuel consumption.

Carburetor adjust to the best state, the mixture of the cold car is more balanced, the motorcycle is not immediately normal running, showing the phenomenon of poor refueling performance, when the car is preheated, the combustion chamber temperature rises, gasoline volatilization enhancement, its atomization effect enhancement, at this time the car is normal again.

This will save fuel on the basis of lower fuel consumption compared to those cars that can be driven without preheating.

This condition also reminds the driver to warm up the car, which burns patience and plays an insurance role in maintaining the car.

The oil needs to be changed regularly

The engine is the heart of the motorcycle, and the oil is the blood of the engine. The role of oil is not only to form lubricating oil film on the friction surface of each moving part (with the friction between the liquid instead of the solid between the sliding and rolling friction) for lubrication, reduce the friction resistance of the machine, but also play a role in cleaning, cooling, corrosion.

The oil will deteriorate after long use, because the unburned gasoline will flow from the piston ring clearance to the crankcase, making the oil thin;

The oil will clean the metal scrap after the machine parts wear and the carbon accumulation formed after combustion, making the oil dirty;

Bad oil can destroy lubrication and accelerate engine wear.

The lack of oil, quality of inferior will directly affect the engine performance and life, especially the use of the overhead camshaft type valve mechanism fuxianda motorcycle;

Because the position of the camshaft of the upper overhead distribution mechanism is higher, its lubricating effect is completely dependent on the oil pumped by the oil pump to achieve, the oil of the cylinder head position will quickly return to the gearbox;

Therefore, a more reliable and good lubrication system is required to ensure that fresh oil must be replaced regularly.

Motorcycle replacement of gay friends points to note

The average oil change cycle is 1000km.

1, change the oil to be carried out in the hot state of the engine, because in the hot state, the engine crankcase in the dirty oil flow is good, can be better out of the oil hole. It is best to start the tap a few times, exhaust residual oil. If necessary, add fresh oil or diesel oil to rinse.

2, when changing the oil, to clean the oil filter, conditional available compressed air dry, so as not to cause the way jam or affect the oil supply.

3. Change in the fresh oil and make it between the upper and lower limits of the oil gauge. After a few minutes of starting, stop and check again.

4, according to the temperature to choose different viscosity of oil.

5, must not covet the whole family and choose low quality oil.

Identification method of motorcycle oil quality

1. Appearance inspection. Check whether the writing on the package is clear, whether the place of origin is marked and whether the sealing tin film has been opened.

2. Check transparency. After opening the package, the pure oil will float out a light fragrance, the oil will clear through. If the quality of the poor will have a peculiar smell.

3. Purity check. Stick the oil with your finger, if there is a feeling of block in the light, the oil contains small impurities, not pure.

4. Viscosity check. With two fingers, stick a few drops of oil on the "pull test". Generally pure oil (such as the viscosity of 100W/40 oil) between the two fingers to carry the line more than 10mm is not easy to disconnect. Put a few more drops of oil into the palm of your hand and rub the oil until it is hot. If the change before and after is not big, the oil quality is better.

5, in use, especially the use of suspected oil, must pay close attention to whether the oil viscosity change, whether the amount of oil is reduced, whether the sound of the machine is larger, and as the case quickly deal with.

Clean the air filter regularly

The role of air filter is to enter the carburetor and cylinder of the air in the moisture, dust action and small particles of impurities to filter, in order to reduce the wear of moving parts in the cylinder.

If the air filter is not clear for a long time, the car still can start driving, the surface does not affect the performance of the car, but was more filter adsorption of dust and impurities, after a long time will cause filter filter hole plugging effect within the volume, the causes involved in power decrease, fuel consumption increase, some small engines impurities will be forced to inhale, accelerated wear of moving parts within the cylinder, shorten the body life.

Filter element with water to add detergent washing, and then with compressed air or natural wind, such as blow dry, can not cove convenient with gasoline to clean, otherwise it will speed up the expansion of the filter hole, reduce the degree of filtration. After cleaning the air filter, the filter element can be evenly sprayed with a little oil, which can not only increase the filter clarity, but also make the gas in the path of the machine parts more lubrication (especially carburetor plunger).

If the filter hole of the filter element becomes larger, the same type of filter element must be replaced as soon as possible.

Clean carburetor according to car condition

Carburetor is the place where the distribution of fuel atomization, here for how often to clean the carburetor, mainly should be decided according to the running condition of the car.

1. Carburetor cleaning is nothing more than to clean up the impurities blocking the oil channel and measuring hole, and if they are blocked, it will directly affect the performance of the vehicle, and will be shown through poor acceleration performance, idling speed instability and other faults, and will not cause an impact on the life of the body.

2, carburetor pollution source stored in gasoline, through the oil discharge switch on the filter and filter glass double filtration, into the carburetor, but also through the float chamber precipitation, will enter the distribution hole.

Therefore, the general use of 10000km will not affect, until you feel the refueling performance is not good before cleaning. Of course, often on the dusty road when driving, should be on the other hand, as the case to increase the frequency of cleaning.

3, the carburetor disassembly more, will affect its internal and peripheral connection sealing, affect the effect of gasoline atomization, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Because this is in use, when feel acceleration performance is inferior when wait for a circumstance, just consider to clean carburetor, lest laborious. When cleaning, mainly is the carburetor internal oil channel and measuring hole, after cleaning to check the fuel mixing ratio.