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Share a few tips on motorcycle fuel economy, very practical!
Release date:2020.03.30

First of all, when we start, with low speed slow start, clutch before the throttle, to clutch half linkage, slowly release clutch, and slowly open the throttle.

Secondly, the habit of riding, if you like hard refueling door or start speed, fuel consumption increase, uniform speed fuel saving, variable driving fuel consumption, refueling door to slowly add, do not force back to the throttle after the throttle, so oil consumption.

Then we will try to avoid stalling in the driving process, each start up a lot of fuel, enough for you to run more than 200-400 meters.


In the shift, to master the shift time, after the start, if the road is smooth, need to gradually into the high-grade, high-grade one-third throttle (that is, the speed of 40-50 km/h, 3500-4200 RPM) driving the most fuel efficient.

Usually we should regularly or irregularly clean the sludge in the chain, front and rear wheel guard plate, reduce the resistance, and on the chain oil. Especially the sludge in the brake.

Generally when the temperature is low or in the morning or evening gasoline. Because the lower the temperature, the greater the specific gravity of gasoline, the same capacity, there is more oil.

If the use of the wider the tire is more oil consumption, the more soft tire oil consumption, grasp the performance of good tires also oil consumption.

Small make up recommendations will not be ordinary tires for wide tires, curved beam is fuel efficient, one is light weight, two is narrow tires.

Driving speed generally 40-50 km/h, the speed of 3500-4200 is the most fuel efficient, the speed is too low or too high fuel consumption, less than 25 km or more than 75 km fuel consumption.

In other motorcycle configurations, if the rear trunk or bumper is added, the fuel consumption will increase, because in addition to increasing the dead weight, also increases the air resistance.

When we give the motorcycle tire, if the tire is low, fuel consumption increased by 15%.

If the tire pressure is too low, or the person is too heavy, the cargo is too much or too joyride, the motorcycle fuel consumption will increase significantly.