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What has a motorcycle cylinder got to do with it?
Release date:2020.04.06

Motorcycle "pull cylinder" is a more common use of the motorcycle in the process of failure, if the cylinder is pulled the motorcycle will appear power drop, burning oil phenomenon. The main reason for this kind of failure and the lack of engine oil is inseparable, but in addition to the fact that there are some easy to be ignored by the car friends, so what are these reasons?


1. If the lubricating oil viscosity is too thin, it will affect the lubrication effect of the inner wall of the cylinder. Especially in the high temperature condition of the engine, too thin lubricating oil is easy to cause the cylinder to be pulled.

2. Driving at low speed, the engine temperature will rise rapidly if the motorcycle is driven at low speed for a long time. In this state, the cylinder block of the motorcycle will be slightly pulled due to incomplete lubrication, and as time passes, the pull will become more and more serious.

3. Poor filtering effect. If the filtering effect of the air filter is poor, it will cause a lot of dust to enter the engine, which will increase the probability of cylinder block being pulled.

4. Lack of antifreeze, this phenomenon is only for the water cooled motorcycle, the lack of antifreeze will slow down the cooling effect of the engine, and the cooling effect of the engine becomes worse, the temperature will rise too fast, the temperature will rise too fast will increase the probability of cylinder block is pulled.

The above four reasons are in addition to the lack of engine oil, the main reason that caused the cylinder block was pulled, so the usual use of the motorcycle must be, regularly check the filter air filter filter effect, also need to regularly check the antifreeze, keep it in a reasonable range.

When selecting lubricating oil, try to choose high-quality, suitable for the local temperature of the lubricating oil for replacement, and also need to avoid long time low speed driving, only in this way to avoid and reduce the probability of cylinder block is pulled.