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What are the reasons for the lack of power in motorcycles? How to solve it?
Release date:2020.04.06

Lack of motor power is a very easy to encounter in the use of a problem, when the occurrence of this phenomenon, the first should be from the outside to find the cause, then should be based on the fault performance, the underlying cause of the search.

One, external reasons

Main external cause of motorcycle underpowered, tire pressure is insufficient, the brake clearance is too small, the chain too loose or too tight, long time did not replace lubricating oil and so on, whether it's more than what kind of reason, can cause the vehicle driving resistance increase, so the vehicle will power down, so be sure to check the above items first.


Second, internal reasons

There are many internal reasons for the lack of motorcycle power, but they can be summarized into the following three categories.

1. Oil supply system, air filter block, mixture too thick or too thin, etc., will cause the current vehicle power decline, and when troubleshooting simple and effective way, is to see the exhaust gas color of the exhaust pipe, and then look at the spark plug. (more on that later)

2. Transmission system, the motorcycle transmission system is relatively simple, resulting in insufficient power, the reason is nothing more than clutch slippage, so check the clutch can eliminate the fault.

3. Internal failure, valve, piston ring aging, cylinder body was pulled, camshaft rocker arm wearand other normal wear and human factors, will cause the motorcycle power decline.

After making clear the main reasons that cause the decline of motorcycle power, it can be eliminated according to the specific fault performance of the current vehicle. In actual use, due to the oil supply system and the transmission system, the probability of motorcycle power shortage will be larger, so the focus can be on troubleshooting from these two directions.

If the troubleshooting, you should observe the exhaust exhaust smoke indicates that the current vehicle there are inadequate burning phenomenon, you need to clean up the air filter and adjust the carburetor, and the blue smoke coming if engine fault exists to burn oil, this time will need to be replaced according to the abrasion of the corresponding matching parts, such as the cylinder piston ring.

If the above undesirable phenomena are not found in the inspection process, then the focus should be given to the clutch of the vehicle. If the current vehicle has the phenomenon of only rotating speed without speed, this phenomenon can be completely eliminated after the friction plate is replaced.

Through the above introduction, we can see that there are many reasons for the lack of power of the motorcycle, the elimination of the method is also kalesomeness, but in any case, as long as find the cause of the fault, you can be completely removed.

Therefore, it is difficult to find the cause according to the fault performance, and the most simple and effective way is to observe the current changes of the vehicle, only in this way can we quickly find the source of the fault, complete elimination.