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Why is the throttle on a motorcycle designed on the right, not the left?
Release date:2020.04.06

Motorcycle design although there are some unsatisfactory place, but the entire operating system, basically still very reasonable, such as the design of the throttle is very reasonable, very easy to control the entire vehicle.


Imagine what would happen if you put the throttle knob on the left? Scooter is nothing more than the problem of operating habits, although will be used to twist a few, but still able to adapt to.

And straddle the bike will not be able to operate, because you pull clutch when virtually certainly will fuel the door, under such a premise how can the vehicle achieve a smooth start, smooth shift, gear reduction?

If you can't get that picture in your head, look at the accelerator and the clutch. What are they doing?

Clutch main role is to pass and cut off the power generated by the engine, it is equivalent to a slow down in the process of marching device, and throttle is to control the engine speed, it is equivalent to an acceleration device, if a device speed and slow down together at the same time operating, smack of a contradiction?

Some of the cars here might say, aren't the front brakes and the throttle together? It is true that the front brake and the throttle are both operated with the right hand, but in practice the right hand has a super-friendly relationship with most riders and is far more flexible than the left hand. (do not check the car, the front brake and throttle must be together)

And the front brake when the use of the force, will not have the clutch so big, the entire use process is not need to pinch, so as long as you hold the correct posture, can be tightened throttle handle, when the use of the brake can ensure that the throttle does not accelerate.

And clutch and throttle together will be each other fight, you lock the throttle handle, virtually will be less than a helper, such a premise under three fingers is not easy to pull the clutch operation handle, unless you love the car clutch without resistance, but in fact most models of the clutch is relatively heavy.

And if four fingers to pull the clutch, it is impossible to lock the throttle, such a design will undoubtedly make the entire operation more cumbersome, there will also be some safety risks.

Design through the introduction of more than you can see the motorcycle throttle on the right side, mainly for more convenient operation, and also will become more reasonable, the design whether to start at ordinary times, or a normal shift, and half linkage under special conditions, most people would be more suitable for the operation of the habit, so the motorcycle clutch, throttle, brakes and other operating system design is reasonable.