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Want to use a motorcycle after a long time? Better check these places first!
Release date:2020.04.13

To use after a long period of parking:

1. Check battery:

Motorcycle for a long time will appear battery power, electric start is certainly not hit, and the foot start may not start, at this time we need to give the battery full power to start again!

2. Check the oil and carburetor:

The oil in the oil tank had better choose to change, there is likely to be a lot of impurities, after the treatment of trouble, carburetor surface is very sure there are also certain impurities, even if the tank will be empty for a long time there will be moisture, rusting, so carburetor must be checked.

3. Check spark plugs and tires:

If you parked longer, these two places will have to check, if it is found that the two oxidation condition, the best will replace all will be good, the spark plug oxidation basically is to use an item, you must want to change a flat tire and tire oxidation easily occurs in this case, why change of its own security is still relatively good.


How to reduce these problems before parking:

1, first clean the motorcycle, air or sun dry, exposed moving parts (such as chain), adjust bolts, bearings, and other washing should be coated with oil or butter rust.

2, motorcycle fuel must be put clean, whether the carburetor or the tank, as far as possible to do little oil storage. Because long time immobile fuel can deteriorate, and can also corrode carburetor and tank.

3, the working state of the motorcycle battery is a process of charging and discharging, if the vehicle parked for a long time, the battery will appear loss of electricity, so the battery should be removed from the frame, and every two months to charge. However, do not release the electrolyte, so as not to expose the plate in the air, resulting in plate oxidation

4, the big support up, the motorcycle tire pressure to the standard, the tire with wood pad up, so that the wheels can not contact the ground, motorcycle tires should ensure sufficient air pressure, and to avoid direct contact with oil, sunlight, heat, etc. If the protection of tires is not used as rubber, they will age in advance.

5, the car with good permeability of cotton cover (can not be covered with plastic tape or paint cloth), park in the place of ventilation, dry, clean, rain, sunscreen, and avoid with inflammable, chemical corrosion products and other harmful objects stored together, otherwise it will accelerate the motorcycle appearance of the aging, premature aging.

6. A certain amount of oil should be injected into the exhaust pipe of a four-stroke motorcycle. Remove the exhaust pipe from the car, add a small amount of oil from the front of the exhaust pipe, install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine to evenly distribute the oil on the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

7, the motorcycle will be parked in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture, so as not to rust. Motorcycles should not be parked in the open for a long time, otherwise the motorcycle will accelerate the appearance of the aging, premature aging.