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How should the motorcycle be repaired without electricity?
Release date:2020.05.08

In the process of motorcycle use, there is a common failure of the motorcycle, the main reason for this failure is.

1. Circuit problems, the circuit break or short circuit of the motorcycle will cause, the motorcycle car no electricity fault.

2. Component damage. If some of the main charging system components of the motorcycle are damaged, there will be no electricity in the whole motorcycle, such as magneto coil, rectifier regulator, etc. In addition, damage to some connecting parts will also cause the whole motorcycle without electricity, such as the ignition switch.

The above is the main reason that causes the motorcycle to have no electricity, discharge can be based on the performance of the vehicle fault analysis.

Below is today's repair example share.

After the preliminary judgment, the fault of this car is caused by the damage of the charging system, because its battery has been damaged. According to the previous experience, the charging coil was firstly checked, and the result is that the charging coil has normal current output.


Therefore, it can be inferred that the cause of the failure of this car is mainly caused by the rectifying voltage regulator. Since the charging coil is in good condition, only two cases have been introduced before, resulting in the phenomenon that the whole motorcycle has no electricity. And in the premise of battery damage, the failure of the rectifier regulator is relatively large, so it will be so sure of the next judgment.

After the disassembly with the consent of the owner, it was found that the rectifier stabilizer assembled by this car had been seriously burned out, and the failure of the whole car after replacing the new parts was eliminated.

Through analysis concluded that the car the main reason for the rectifier voltage regulator burn out and damage to the battery has a direct relationship, because of the damage it does not have storage battery current, produced by the generator current, will be a backlog in rectifier voltage regulator, rectifier voltage regulator load increases, so the rectifier voltage regulator will be damaged.

Is today share the content of the above we can see, when your vehicle similar failure occurs, basically can determine is this fault caused by rectifier voltage regulator, rectifier voltage regulator in the actual repair failure probability is very high, so a similar failure as long as buy a same model, rectifier voltage regulator to change fault can be ruled out.