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What is the reason why the motor car starter can't turn?
Release date:2020.05.08

With the technical upgrade of the model, the starter of the motorcycle has become the main starting device of the motorcycle. However, the probability of failure of the starter is relatively large in normal use. So what is the reason that the starter cannot rotate normally? Share a maintenance example today.

The starter in the picture above failed to turn. After disassembling, it was found that its main cause was a lack of lubrication, which caused it to get stuck.


Now the job is to clean up the dust inside the motor, and the rusting parts of the grinding, and then lubrication can be removed.

When polishing with fine sandpaper can be polished, remember not to carry out excessive polishing, if the excessive polishing will cause the gap is too large, after the gap is too large, it is easy to start the machine noise.

Be sure to remove the spring when carrying out the refill, otherwise the installation of carbon is very laborious.

After the spring is removed, the carbon can be reset, and then into the rotor assembly, one by one to install the spring, the most important step of the reset work is completed.

After the rotor assembly reset must be in the two sections of the application of high temperature grease, and also need to check the wear state of the copper sleeve, if the copper sleeve excessive wear, the starter will appear weak, abnormal noise and other phenomena.

Finally, the lid on both sides of the starter can be installed, through the operation of the above this starter can not only operate normally, but also its starting power is very strong, very small noise.

Motorcycle starter can not turn in addition to the above maintenance example in addition to the reason, also include carbon hair excessive wear, magnet drop, rotor wear, copper sleeve damage and other reasons, but as long as not the rotor damage is basically can be repaired recovery. So the motorcycle starter is not necessarily, after the failure can only be replaced with new parts.