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4 big taboos on motorbikes!
Release date:2020.05.12

 Motorcycle has gone through a hundred years of development, from the original means of transport gradually evolved into today's set of transport, leisure and entertainment tools, in the eyes of different people have different role playing. Every day the heat is clear, ride a motorcycle to enjoy the comfortable outside bustling hustle and bustle, become the choice of more and more people, but also some motorcycle party will come out to fry the street, play a motorcycle to remember 4 taboos do not violate, otherwise the danger is likely to come immediately.

First, the certificate is complete. Here again, the motorcycle is to license, the general locomotive to E light to open, but for the convenience of the test D light, so almost all the motorcycle can open, a lot of worry. If take C1 light to drive a motorcycle, fine many, C1 light also want to be deducted 12 points. The second motorcycle must be listed, no license driving is also 12 points.

Second, always wear a helmet. Today, even electric cars with speed limits of 25 to 25 require helmets. Motorcycles are so fast, the rules are even stricter. On the one hand, it is because of too many accidents that motorcycle travel was restricted in the past. Nowadays, motorcycle is often the focus of the traffic police. When riding a motorcycle, you must wear a helmet.


Third, do not be addicted to fast driving. Few people today actually use motorcycles as a means of transportation. Riding a bike is for the thrill. But stimulative return to stimulative, still want to give priority to with safety, in open space place can twist next accelerator, but arrived at an intersection to still want to obey traffic regulation to decelerate drive, below the circumstance of car much, do not rely on a volume pettiness to ramble. In some places the motorcycle can be on the high speed, on the high speed must strictly follow the traffic regulations, the speed must not exceed 80, according to the most right lane walk.

Fourth, cycling is not road rage. To use the popular phrase is a grumpy brother, and as the old saying goes, the car is a man of iron, the motorcycle is a man of iron, two collision, the most injured or motorcycle owners. On the road to see some of their own ACTS of malicious provocation, must remain calm, also do not want to do some SAO operation.

When you hold the direction of the motorcycle handle, please control the right hand, avoid these taboos, enjoy the motorcycle fun, but also to strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations, each way, to create a more harmonious traffic environment for themselves and everyone, let more people enjoy the motorcycle economy, convenience and entertainment.