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Instructions for motorcycle engine replacement
Release date:2020.05.12

(1) replace the engine within the third package period;

If your motorcycle is inside limits of 3 pack period, produce major breakdown, can put forward the requirement that changes an engine, a lot of manufacturers have internal regulation, that is to say, the engine appears commonly inside half an year major breakdown can change an engine, exceeded can repair only, of course, cannot repair except.

So the engine change is going to come up.

1. Replace the original stenciled number engine;

It is best if the manufacturer agrees to replace the engine with the original stell number, because if your vehicle is already listed, you do not need to use the DMV to register the change to replace the engine with the original stell number. But such engines usually have to wait a long time.

2. Replace with a new stenciled number engine;

If the manufacturer changes a brand new station-numbered engine for you, you need to go to the DMV for change registration and test at the testing station after the replacement.


(2) after the third guarantee period, buy a new engine for replacement;

This kind of phenomenon is more common in the three-wheeled motorcycle, a lot of three-wheeled motorcycle is used for loading goods, overload phenomenon is very serious, coupled with the three-wheeled owners of poor maintenance awareness, a lot of tricycle engines with less than two years engine damaged seriously, then the three-wheeled owners will generally buy a new engine to replace. This time must go to DMV to change to register, otherwise once on the road is checked, want to punish at least 200.

(3) regulations on motorcycle modification:

According to the law, no unit or individual may assemble a motor vehicle or arbitrarily change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of a motor vehicle; Change the motor vehicle model, engine number, frame number or vehicle identification code. If anyone drives an illegally modified motor vehicle on the road, the public security traffic control department shall detain the vehicle according to law, confiscate the illegal device, order it to restore to its original state, and impose a fine of 200 yuan according to law. For illegally modified motorcycles, the public security traffic control department shall not issue safety and technical inspection qualification marks.

So what constitutes an illegal modification of a motorcycle?

Illegal modification of vehicle means the modification of vehicle appearance, power system, transmission system and braking system which is not permitted by national laws and approved by the manufacturer and exceeds the load capacity and functions of the original vehicle design. Including the act of replacing critical parts. Those who change the color of the body, change the engine (excluding the type of engine) and the frame of the vehicle, and fail to go through the change formalities within ten days, shall be given a warning or a fine of less than 200 yuan.

What are the legal modifications of motorcycles?

Modification appearance: modification of the body color is the most common, you can apply to the DMV. Although the area that our country sets car body to stick film must not exceed the area of the whole car 30%, but a few small adornment and car body pull flower, trust stick!

Replacement of engine/frame: engine, frame damage to the replacement of course, just go to the DMV to register the vehicle information.

Internal modification: basically all car owners will be equipped with dashcam, navigation, reversing radar, etc., in fact, this is also a modification, but these are no problem, the traffic police will encourage you to install it!

Add outfit acoustics: the assembly of acoustics involves circuit problem, want to help you refit to normal place so, must not come in disorder!