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Motorcycle cleaning and maintenance chain: 12 practical questions and answers
Release date:2020.05.12

1, ask: I am the oil seal chain, suitable for the motorcycle chain cleaning agent?

Answer: at present we choose two kinds of chain cleaner -- MOTOREX and car, suitable for oil seal chain, do not harm the oil seal, rest assured use, can also be used for non-oil seal chain.

2. Q: how often is a motorcycle chain cleaned?

Answer: general 3000 kilometers, with change the oil at the same time, can do maintain. If you ride a bad road, a lot of sand and oil, can be cleaned in advance maintenance.

3. How often is the oil sprayed on the motorcycle chain?

Answer: the chain is cleaner, can 200-300 kilometers or so, spray. In principle, as long as the chain is relatively dry, you can spray. Before a short trip, you can spray. After the rain, the chain is easy to lack of oil, so after the rain ride, should also be sprayed once.


4. Is the amount of chain cleaning agent large?

Answer: see how dirty the chain is, the chain of oil sludge scale, usage will be larger. General normal 3000 km maintenance once, a bottle is enough to clean once. Also related to the way of cleaning, with the use of the chain brush, cleaning dose will be used more reasonable, basic 1 bottle is enough.

5. Question: which is better, MOTOREX's chain cleaner or the car's chain cleaner?

A: the results are good. MOTOREX is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and imported with original package. It is recommended to choose large displacement locomotives. Car son's new chain cleaning agent formula does not hurt the hand, affordable, more economic. Both are optional, just like high-end cigarettes and regular cigarettes, which are both cigarettes.

6. Question: which is better, MOTOREX chain wax or car chain oil?

A: there are three types of MOTOREX chain wax. OFF ROAD is an oil for off-road and rally cars, mud roads and forest roads. Competitive type is more resistant to high temperature, more viscous, suitable for running track. Highway type is waxy, more general, size row eat all.

The chain oil of car boy, belong to economy material benefit type, it is oil kind, spray much meeting jilt, jilt car boy chain oil, remember to wipe with towel the oil on the chain, the car is static for a period of time, it is not easy to jilt oil.

7. Where is the oil sprayed on the chain?

A: the friction between the chain and the gear is on the chain ball, and the chain link is directly linked, mainly sprayed in these two parts. So chain oil and chain wax, as far as possible spray in the chain of the internal test and ball parts. The outside of the chain joint spray is also to do waterproof and anti-rust effect, can also be appropriate spray a little, can also be an appropriate amount of coating can be.

8, ask: why used the car chain oil, the chain has abnormal sound?

Answer: chain oil is lubricate action, if used chain oil, chain or abnormal sound, you need to check whether the chain is elongated, or whether the chain and other parts of the frame rub against, adjust the chain elastic try.

9. Ask: what is the consequence of not maintaining the chain?

Answer: do not clean for a long time to maintain the chain, the result may be abnormal sound, front and rear gear will accelerate wear, finally caused to take off the chain and other situations, it is recommended to do a regular cleaning, the frequency can not be high, a year to clean 2-3 times, according to the mileage and road conditions to decide, the chain had better not be short of oil for a long time.

10, ask: maintenance cost is too high, how to break?

A: a horse must run and a horse must eat grass. Locomotives are your favorite things, normal maintenance or can not be saved. The package only costs 58 yuan (1 bottle of chain oil, 1 bottle of cleaning agent and 1 set of chain brush), which is very cost-effective. The chain oil 320ml can be used for a long time, about 15-20 times, and the cleaning agent can basically be used once for maintenance.

Of course, some large displacement of imported cars, more cherish the car friends, you can choose MOTOREX road chain wax and cleaning agent to try, the effect is very good.

11, ask: a person to do chain maintenance is too troublesome, how to do?

Answer: had better look for a car frame, a person start work also can get done. But here's a warning: don't put your car in gear. Have a friend pinch broken finger, the past. Use the frame to put up the rear wheel, hanging neutral, with hand rotation rear wheel maintenance, this is the safest operation. Or pay for a service and let a professional get it done.

12, ask: maintenance, every time the ground is very dirty how to do?

Answer: the proposal is done when maintaining, had better prepare rubber glove, film or cost cardboard, mat is operated below the chain, collect liquid waste. After cleaning the chain, the condition can also be washed with water again, cleaner, less amount of cleaning agent. PS: the waste oil should be sent to the motorcycle repair shop for collection.