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Is the motorcycle a double cylinder?
Release date:2020.05.19

Pull motorcycle is a single cylinder or two cylinder, a netizen said, feel pull motorcycle is a double cylinder.

This kind of feeling affirmation is wrong, not certain pull a motorbike to be a twin cylinder certainly, on the contrary this kind of model can be more in love with single-cylinder engine. First of all, the rally motorcycle is a kind of race vehicle, which is mainly used for taking part in the race and getting results. It is not suitable for us to ride.


KTM450 is a typical representative, for example, you see the appearance and the overall design, and then take a look at our mouth pull of the car, the difference is obvious, we think the car actually pull can only call ADV or hard ADV in a strict sense, although they have good cross-country performance, strong torque output, but let them to take part in the game is clearly not the place, the second vehicle emissions that is accord with the standard events.

According to relevant information, the famous Dakar rally race has been limited to 450cc rally cars since 2012. The main reason is that KTM racing car is so excellent. In 2010, 19 KTM racing cars were ranked in the top 20, among which KTM660 LC4 was the outstanding one.

But even with the committee's restrictions, eight of the top 10 in 2012 were KTM cars. One of the common features of these cars is the single-cylinder engine, which is one of the main reasons why KTM prefers the single-cylinder motorcycle.

In terms of the structure of engine cylinder powertrain is more suitable for this state of cycling, because the greatest characteristic of single-cylinder engine torque is sufficient, in extreme conditions sufficient torque will represent a strong driving force, without the ability to run in the desert, compared two cylinder engine is good but single-cylinder engine will still have this respect, so professional pull cars will not only look good duplex machine, while ignoring the existence of the single-cylinder engine.

In a word, different engine structures in different scenarios will highlight different advantages, professional rally car will not only care about the existence of the two-cylinder machine, and ignore the advantages of the single-cylinder machine. In order to highlight the positioning of the model, civil ADV will use different powertrains, some may be dual-cylinder and some may be single-cylinder. The difference is nothing more than a problem of performance orientation.