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Riding a motorcycle to Tibet, what should I pay attention to
Release date:2020.05.19

Nowadays, many people choose to measure the world by motorcycle, not only to satisfy the excitement of arriving at the destination, but also to gallop freely on the boundless road and explore the magical unknown.

In the hustle and bustle of city stay for a long time, everyone want to intimate contact with nature, ride a motorcycle to travel to Tibet is almost a motorcycle enthusiast's dream, but ride a motorcycle to go to Tibet, is set to travel long distances, field survival, camping, etc for the integration of travel, it brings the friends is a psychological and physiological aspects of deep feelings, for their own physical strength, stamina, mental endurance, collaboration ability, survival ability and riding a motorcycle is a comprehensive test and test, there are many difficulties and obstacles in the process of crossing the face, but when you overcome various difficulties, there will be many surprises and harvest, These difficult course, artificial and natural happiness will bring infinite aftertaste and moved.

Going to Tibet on a motorcycle requires not only courage, but also careful planning and preparation.


The first thing to do is to choose a better quality motorcycle, at the same time to have a large displacement, fuel tank, a good motorcycle can save a lot of trouble. If you have the ability, you can choose a joint venture car, the quality of this car is relatively stable, but the economic conditions are general, you can consider the domestic car, but the choice of this kind of car will have the ability to start, in case you have to break down on the way to solve. And in order to reduce the trouble of maintenance on the road, the vehicle must be well maintained before departure.

Ride a motorcycle in Tibet, there are four roads and sichuan-tibet highway and yunnan Tibet line after a landslide landslide area, so early from 6 months to the end of August is usually couldn't get through, and along the qinghai-tibet railway XinCangXian road conditions is not very good, XinCangXian phase when enter Tibet altitude rise faster, so there will be a strong plateau reaction, serious word will endanger people's life. It is easy to get lost on the xinzang railway. Besides, there is also a 1,700km section without a gas station, so the qinghai-tibet railway is relatively safe and convenient.

If you want to ride a motorcycle into Tibet, you should choose a good time, preferably early or mid-july, when the grassland is green and the weather is warm. If it comes to the middle or late August, there will be more rain, the grassland will turn yellow, and the weather will become cold. It is easy to catch a cold at this time.

When you go to Tibet, you must choose to go when you are strong. If you have caught a cold, you should not go, because there will be inflammation in the lungs and trachea, and the resistance of the body will be very poor. If you go to Tibet where there is little oxygen, it is easy to worsen the cold, and the common cold is likely to become pneumonia.

In addition to, I will bring some cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs, the most important thing is to take some medicine of altitude sickness, and clothes to choose well, too, because of the plateau climate change easily, moreover also should pay attention to action, at the time of entering Tibet don't do strenuous exercise, the body's physical load becomes heavy, in the case of physical fatigue easily appear plateau response.

So to speak, Tibet, to come once is certainly not enough, the second, the third...... To see the more mysterious and beautiful Tibet! But also want to advise friends who want to travel to Tibet: drive Tibet need to be careful!