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What circumstance is motorcycle fuel consumption heighten
Release date:2020.05.19

Many people in the choice of vehicles, will be concerned about a fuel consumption problem. Actually fuel consumption again low car, under incorrect use, fuel consumption will gradually rise.

Personal driving habits have a great impact on fuel consumption. Due to mechanical design and other factors, the engine needs to run for a period of time to achieve the best operating effect. In the process of driving crazy on the ground suet, brakes sometimes is to show off the car technology, reflect the motorcycle performance of a good opportunity, but so driving will make your fuel consumption soaring. So good driving habits can reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption.

1, speed,

Generally speaking, the car has an economic speed, speed is too low or too high fuel consumption on the big, the displacement of different economic speed is different, this can not be generalized, details can refer to the manual.

2, tire pressure

During the trip, I found that the distance of the car was significantly reduced, the downhill effect was weakened, and it was more difficult to carry out the empty car than before. At this point the owner should check that the tire pressure is up to standard. Tire pressure is too low, the amount of sinking increases, tread edge load increases, tire shoulder premature wear, increased rolling resistance, fuel saving, saving the tire are adverse.

3, road conditions,

Highway urban road, unobstructed road congestion road, asphalt road gravel mud road, uphill road down, national road provincial road county road country road, run the same course of fuel consumption is completely different.

4, the wind speed

Save fuel downwind, waste fuel upwind.

5, hot cars

Now the motorcycle car from the country three carburetor car gradually upgraded to the country four electric spray car, do not need a long idle hot car, fuel consumption and will make the engine carbon accumulation, then wear gloves and helmet time, you can slow down.


So what can you do to get good gas mileage?

Maintain economic speed

Economic speed is in this speed range riding the most fuel-efficient, such as: 125 displacement of the motorcycle economy speed is 40 to 60 kilometers per hour, too high or too low speed, the increase in fuel consumption have an impact.

Clean the air filter regularly

When the exhaust pipe often emit black smoke, fuel consumption increases, spark plug carbon serious, need to check the air filter and adjust carburetor. Many mo friends do not regularly clean the empty filter, resulting in empty filter blockage, such a result of fuel consumption is not only increased, and power is far less than before.

Change the oil regularly

Some motorcycle friends for the oil change, is a little less, their own add a little, so down oil pollution is certainly a lot, which is also the reason for the increase in oil consumption, but also will lead to a faster scrapped engine. The correct approach should be based on the vehicle's own conditions, regular replacement of quality oil.