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New car will happen with what "acid people" attack point
Release date:2020.05.19

For many people, there is always a feeling and a dream for the motorcycle in their hearts. The motorcycle is a symbol of the wind and freedom. Riding the beloved motorcycle, you are the pilot on the road of your life, enjoying the speed and passion.

As the saying goes: into the pit (car) is easier than the pit (subsidy), each after the friend to buy a motorcycle before buying a motorcycle has a different experience, when you take to buy a new car, or of passionate dream models, this joy in addition to let you can't sleep for three days and three nights, off to his own family, friend is also one of the necessary after buying trip, look at the below new car must happen within a week, you have seen a few.

Many motorcycle friends more or less have encountered a situation, happily bought a new car to share the joy with the best friend, but in return for the other side of the cold words "you this car rotten", "why do you buy this car", "are you crazy", presumably these words sound absolutely not good, shot motorcycle friends raise their hands ~

Car models were abandoned


Just bought a new car after the appointment was abandon wrong models, fantasy about the following situation, your plans with friends for a long time, the future is going to ride bike to go wild adventure, camping, enjoy the breath of nature in the mountains with sound, best can take over the topdress carrying camping equipment, explore Abraham to the land, when they are buying utility vehicles and hung with trunk at the same time, you can start a upgrade imitation racing, and refuse to friends' invitation models feature, it is a little annoying! Thousands of models, before buying a car, please think about your use needs and circles, but bought a new car party out of nature is to experience the new car, do not think so much, really abandoned a pass, estimated later will not be about.

Meet a bunch of jealous people

Jealousy, is very terrible, to put it simply, this is the beholder! One day you buy the latest and the most top models, with high power and rich electronic control, can easily through the computer equipment hi all cyclists, hard to avoid in the ears of others, even if your car is almost perfect, but always boring friends with this technology is too new, this function with the reason of acid such as less than you, and your good mood to buy a new car, then you have to do is "away from these people."

You didn't change it

Just to mention a new car, is pointing, not this thing, that place is not reasonable, acid not modified, make your car, it occurs more often in the field of manual streetcar, when you buy a streetcar and want to put it into a handsome Cafe racer style, or the style such as Scrambler, you have two options, respectively is oneself slowly adapted in the garage, is another favorite shops to help you complete the desire, the latter will draw circles juyou gossip, isn't it ourselves also dare say playing a manual car.

I was attacked by a "keyboardist" on my wechat moments

Keyboard players, most will not ride a bike, must be a lot of people suffered acid people attack after the discovery of the truth, in addition to the reality of the bike friends, more critical friends, net friends, and even family, they do not ride a bike at all! This is especially true in the online world, where keyboard racers are rampant because people don't know each other. It's common to criticize your car, but what do you have when the owner is happy to ride?