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Ride motorbike mo brigade and drive oneself, displacement is bigger better?
Release date:2020.05.19

Speaking of motorcycle travel, it is a lot of motorcycle friends yearn for! Motorcycle travel is also the most close to the nature of a way of travel. It is yearning for freedom, looking for a symbol of passion, all say: "four wheels carrying the body, two wheels carrying the soul", then motorcycle travel and self-driving travel, the greater the displacement of the motorcycle better?

Displacement has a certain impact on the driving experience, but it is not the larger the displacement, the better, but the need to achieve a balance between displacement and power is more appropriate. The main use of displacement for long distance running is to maintain a certain cruising speed, not the pursuit of extreme speed but the need for torque.

In general, we ride a bike tour and road have to deal with is basically all the traffic, if run to 120 km/h cruise, must under the speed can be comfortable cruising speed is not too high, the highest in 5000 that it is better to turn around, so, 120 and 150, this kind of small cars is incompetent, speed may be can reach 120 km/h. Considering from this aspect, the displacement should be in 400cc or 500cc.


If your cycling style is more buddhist, and you like the slow pace of riding alone on the road, and you don't want to be in a hurry, then cars with displacement of 250cc or below will be enough!

Long - distance travel, safety is the most important

Large displacement, essence is to make the car power is enough, speed is fast, with strong sex, rather than the pursuit of speed, often not to travel, it's the moments you want to quickly can carry up to speed, fast cornering, out of time as far as possible short, especially in some mud and the winding mountain road, avoid the harm that itself is some potential risk. And like the plateau area, the power will be reduced, at this time the displacement is large, can make up for these deficiencies.

Small displacement motorcycle can also run a long way, pay attention to rest, but since the motorcycle travel, you will enjoy the scenery, but also enjoy the comfort of the motorcycle.

If the displacement is large, the car will be heavier, and it may be difficult to control the complicated road. It also depends on your personal physical quality and age. It is not that bigger is better. The conventional wisdom is that a 250CC motorcycle is a good choice for motorcyclists, but if a younger model can choose between 400cc and 650CC, it will be counterproductive.

On the road, car reliability is very important

Long-distance travel is different from the daily cycling in the city, motorcycle tour outside, break down on the way will make people very frustrated. When choosing motorbike, the quality stability is very critical, can't choose the motorbike that just appeared on the market, otherwise may be really a little white mouse, also don't choose high compression ratio, on the road may not have the oil of high standard number and high compression ratio engine is often easy to give a problem.

Although the displacement is important, but a lot of domestic large row are air-cooled, heat decline is not good, water cooling technical requirements are higher, so we should choose some better reputation, more to the Internet to understand the evaluation and then start.

Run a long way, the vibration of a single cylinder will be larger, riding is not too comfortable, it is generally recommended to use a double cylinder. And unfavorable use the car model of a few partial door, in case have a trifling accident on the road, fittings can toss about dead person.

Motorcycle travel on the road, large displacement locomotives can better reserve power, when the need to overtake can be done at one go, no drag! Small displacement car although the acceleration performance is common, top speed is not fast, but because the body light in the engine's gravity will be more advantageous. Exactly how to choose, to consider the displacement and power to achieve a balance between the road in the leisure state to play out their own want fun.

In a word, the motorcycle is just a carrying tool for travel. The essence of motorcycle travel lies in the "journey" rather than the "journey". As long as the quality of the bike is reliable, the performance is stable and the power is sufficient, you can ride it out.