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Motorcycle loose throttle to turn off, what is the cause of failure?
Release date:2020.05.26

A motorcycle friend recently always feel that the car is unable to accelerate, there is a rapid time to the end of the throttle, also can run about 50 kilometers, can not run. And often loose the throttle will turn off, turn off the car, always idle, sometimes hot car, the car will turn off after more than 10 seconds, really very annoying.

According to the description of my motorcycle friend, I first suspected that the air filter was blocked, so I removed the air filter to check, and found it was really dirty! So I told the customer about the harm of air filter blockage and the importance of replacing air filter regularly. However, I had already explained to the customer many times, but I could not listen to them.

Because I don't have the air filter of this car, I can only clean it first and install the new air filter after the order is received. Reset after cleaning, start the fire, or the same, so dirty empty filter, carburetor is estimated to be blocked!

So I took the carburetor apart, and I took it apart to see that it was really dirty. Carburetor complete decomposition, cleaning the main metering hole, idle metering hole, the oil and gas channels of all kinds of washing!


During the cleaning process, I suddenly thought, could it be the vacuum membrane? After taking it apart, my guess was proved to be right as expected. The vacuum membrane fold was opened with an opening of about a centimeter, so the carburetor of the same model could only be replaced. After loading, it can accelerate strongly, speed up quickly, steady idle speed and trouble shooting.

Need to remind is that: many car owners maintenance awareness is poor, poor awareness will only ride, even the oil are too lazy to change; A little consciousness of know oil change, but ignored the empty filter, scooter empty filter maintenance cycle is much shorter than straddle motorcycle maintenance cycle.