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13 motorcycle breakdown repair highlights!
Release date:2020.05.26

Motorcycle parts are numerous, the need for maintenance is also a lot of places, some people repair the car for a lifetime, there is no way to master all the maintenance skills. But the common breakdown of the motorcycle is so a few, and it does not seem to imagine so difficult, if you have a certain ability to do, usually combined with their own car conditions, touch more can solve these basic problems themselves. Here are some common ways to diagnose and solve motorcycle problems that you might want to use.

1. Why does the battery run out after a few days on the motorcycle?

The fundamental cause of battery leakage, ignored leakage, is the rectifier internal leakage, which is easy to ignore, another kind of ignored leakage, is in the power off the door lock, there is still a way to lead to continuous battery consumption! One of the most common cases is when the repairman refit the dc igniter to save trouble, directly connect its positive pole to the positive pole of the battery, not through the electric door lock, resulting in continuous power consumption of the igniter. There is the line problem, which is also the most difficult to check, the need to repair the special inquiry, very expensive work hours.

The detection method is as follows:

Close the electric door lock, remove the defective battery for charging, and prepare a battery with sufficient voltage. Use the current file of the multimeter to connect with the car according to the figure above. The display of the table is the magnitude of the leakage current. With such a large leakage current, the battery will naturally die after a few days. After the inspection, it was found that after the rectifier was removed, the leakage current disappeared, indicating that there was a big leakage current in the rectifier, so the capacitance-and-economy-switch rectifier was replaced, and the fault was eliminated! The outstanding characteristic of the switching rectifier regulator is the small leakage current, which is especially important in some old cars!

2. Reasons and solutions for shooting the motorcycle on the move

It is a soft fault, which may be composed of a variety of factors, so it is difficult to directly point to the fault site. The so-called blasting refers to the occurrence of gasoline deflagration in the exhaust pipe, resulting in a greater sound. The reason is that the combustion in the cylinder is not good, the unburned gasoline into the exhaust pipe, and then the secondary combustion in the case of high temperature.

If the blasting is serious, sometimes may burst the exhaust pipe, since the reason is that the cylinder of gasoline did not burn clean, then, it may be because the mixture is too thick, burning up, may also be some combustion cycle did not ignite in time, the mixture did not burn. According to this train of thought, in the light of the first easy then difficult principle, the first electricity after oil inspection.

(1) the spark plug, FBT and igniter were checked and replaced first, but the fault point was not found.

(2) then check the carburetor's performance, loosen the oil screw in the carburetor float chamber, and make the oil pipe in the float chamber move up and down between the carburetor body and the combination surface of the float chamber.

(3) check the height of carburetor float chamber oil level. There is oil overflow about 2mm below the combined face of carburetor body and float chamber, indicating that the carburetor oil level is basically normal.

(4) since the oil and electricity are all normal, is there a problem with the gas distribution? However, the assembly of engine valve mechanism, valve clearance and valve leakage were examined in detail, and no problems were found.

What caused the malfunction?

Think carefully about the entire overhaul process and conclude that the source of the problem may still be in the electrical wiring. Therefore, starting from the magneto, the large wire of the whole vehicle was inspected. As expected, it was found that the trigger wire of the magneto and the connection wire of the igniter had bad joint contact fault. It is because of the poor contact here that the trigger signal is sometimes absent and irregular fire break occurs. The unburned gasoline from the broken fire discharged into the exhaust pipe, triggering the shooting. Reconnect this joint reliably, start and road test, the motorcycle returned to normal.

As a car owner, you can check your car carefully when you are free. It is easy to find such soft faults.


3. How to adjust the valve foot clearance?

What exactly is a valve foot gap? Why did he cause so many problems?

Valve foot clearance, refers to the gap between rocker and valve rod end, adjust the right foot valve clearance can make the engine work intake is adequate, the exhaust thoroughly, to keep the engine maximum power, valve clearance is too large, will lead to travel, open and close a shorter time, cannot enter enough fresh air and enough mixture, combustion exhaust gas cannot discharge in time, leading to increase fuel consumption, power is reduced, and easy to produce carbon, carbon deposition will be attached in the moving parts, abrasive, speed up the mechanism of wear and tear.

Valve foot gap is too small, the valve can not be completely seated, will make the valve can not be completely closed, resulting in leakage in the cylinder, will cause reflux, resulting in idle stall. Valve is divided into heat and cold space two foot clearance, clearance gap slightly smaller than cold heat, motorcycle use after a period of time due to wear and tear will make the change valve clearance, and make the engine condition change, leading to the aforementioned problems, the gap, there is some data is generally 0.08 0.10 mm inlet valve, the exhaust valve 0.10 0.12 mm. Check and adjust the valve clearance must be done when the intake and exhaust valves are completely closed.

Adjusting the valve foot clearance is a technical work, it is recommended to ask a professional repairman to adjust. If you really want to do it yourself, the plug ruler is not expensive, you can buy a set, really do not have, feel ok. Specific method is, after adjusting with the hand shake, feel a little gap can, then lock.

4. Why can't the motorcycle be started by electricity

What causes the trigger voltage to be too low?

I have encountered this problem several times, and I am quite confident about the igniter I am using now. In most cars, the spark is very strong and the quality is very stable. Only in a few cars, the spark is not strong, because the trigger voltage is too low. If the input voltage of the igniter is lowered, the output voltage must be lowered accordingly.

As we all know, the trigger inside is a group of coil, the working principle is that, when magnetic rotation, especially when convex platform through a coil, coil cutting lines, produce inductive electromotive force, the electromotive force after on both ends of the coil output, is the trigger signal, since start to start with their feet that that is not the trigger itself, is the largest possible triggers and magneto convex platform between the gap is too big.

According to this principle, the closer the boss is to the trigger, the stronger the magnetic force is, and the higher the trigger voltage is. The faster the coil cuts through the magnetic field, the higher the voltage. Since the rotational speed during electrical startup is lower than that during foot startup, the output voltage will be lower, resulting in poor startup and reducing the distance between the trigger and the convex boss.

Apart magneto partial cover, use electric drill to trigger the installation hole expanding, trigger close to magneto, convex found too far away from or, simply the trigger first dress hole on here, and then use a word screwdriver move a bit, make the brace deformation, normal loading, so that you can obviously decrease with the distance between the convex platform. After the adjustment, the trigger voltage at the electrical start is measured with the meter, which has reached above 0.7 to 0.8, basically meeting the requirements. Install high - pressure cap and other accessories, electrical start the car smoothly.

In the case of such a failure, you must analyze the cause, find the key to the problem, and then try to solve the problem. I will share this repair process here today in the hope of enlightening those who see it.