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Maintenance of electric spray motorcycle, to pay attention to the following eight aspects!
Release date:2020.05.26

      Because the electric spray motorcycle in the maintenance process, different from the traditional carburetor motorcycle, maintenance personnel in the maintenance and inspection of the electric spray motorcycle, must pay attention to the following matters.

1. Direct fire jumping inspection is strictly prohibited at the end of the high voltage wire. Otherwise, the parts will be damaged.

2. The ignition switch must be turned off before disassembling and installing the parts.

3, ECU, fuel injector assembly, throttle body assembly, especially ECU, should try to avoid static interference. In the process of assembly and debugging, it is not allowed to touch the connector pin or connector chip inside the connector by hand or metal object, and it is not allowed to touch with force.

4. When checking the electrical system of the spray motorcycle, a digital multimeter must be used instead of a pointer multimeter.


5. For welding and maintenance of the frame of the electric spray motorcycle, the ignition switch must be turned off, the negative electrode line of the battery must be disconnected, then the ECU connection and insertion line shall be disconnected, and the ECU and other key parts shall be removed.

6. Do not change the installation and arrangement of tubing when maintaining the electric spray motorcycle. Otherwise, the tubing and other components will interfere.

7. In the process of using and maintaining the ejector motorcycle, it is not allowed to use high-pressure water gun to wash the ejector parts, especially the connectors.

8. Oxygen sensor is ceramic body, which is easily damaged once knocked against; In addition, do not contact with gasoline, oil, alcohol and other organic chemicals, otherwise, will fail.