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If you have a good curved beam, you can put a helmet on it
Release date:2020.06.02

We know that we didn't choose the curved beam car because it was so cool and so fast. As a short distance commuting tool, dazzling shadow is like sunshine boy in daily life, low fuel consumption, easy to control, can store things, convenient to ride... Take care of the little things and make every day easy for you.

It's hard to hold a helmet

Super capacity comes out the winner

As a curved beam car that can take the helmet under the seat cushion, it is designed with an oversized object box and adopts the technology of one-shot injection molding for the rear car box. The storage space is greatly expanded compared with other curved beams. As can be seen in the picture, the whole helmet comes in effortlessly, focusing on the little embarrassment of where to put the helmet. And the rear shelf configuration, let the cargo space three-dimensional, the special "load" into praise.


Good kinetic energy and good core

Two low and one high

It is equipped with WBF125 balance shaft engine core. Its maximum net power is 6.5kw / 8000r/min, and its maximum torque is 8.7n · m / 6000r/min. Its power output is strong and powerful. At the same time, the use of advanced structure of integral cylinder head, roll flow technology, roll rocker arm derived from racing car technology and many other patented technologies, so that dazzle can easily win the three trump CARDS of low noise, low fuel consumption and high performance.

Reliable quality and good start

Electrospray technology is indispensable

Driving outside, safety and reliability are the most important. Even if it is a 125 displacement curved beam, dazzle shadow is also the body. Vehicle emissions have reached the national four emission standards. The electric injection system will upgrade and optimize the software and hardware, making the fuel control more accurate, the software logic more careful, the function is more complete, is has the speed-up fast, starts the excellent, the vibration is small, the maintenance province excellent comprehensive specialty.

Ingenuity has its place in the details

Classic design to see

The curvilinear body design is in line with ergonomics, which is fashionable and beautiful, and makes it more comfortable to sit low and drive high. 1.2:1 the front and rear wheels are designed in an intimate scale, with low center of gravity and less forward inclination during driving; Headlamps are fashionable in shape, high in brightness and strong in impact force. High quality leather cushion, soft and comfortable, good rebound; Full red light hood taillight assembly, such as red eyes as clear and eye-catching; Equipped with fashion instruments, gear display, speed, oil, fault display and other information at a glance.