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Analysis and maintenance of top ten daily motorcycle failures
Release date:2020.06.03

1, the engine cylinder, the temperature is not uniform how to do?

It is recommended to replace or clean the spark plug, remove the carburetor when conditions permit to adjust the mixture concentration, and make your own spark plug sleeve for backup if you are often short of cylinders. After the old CB clean carburetor installed after the switch on the oil tank can run for a while, every night when parking the oil tank switch to 9 o 'clock position, the next day to start, disassemble the carburetor a little trouble, after loading the car difficult, weak battery charger ready to serve!

2, the whole car suddenly no electricity how to do?

It is recommended to open the fuse box with the side cover. It is possible that the insurance may be burned. Check and replace the insurance.

3, the car suddenly can not fill up the gas, and then slowly shut off, stop for a while can be the car, and then no longer start

It is recommended to check whether there is a gasoline filter, installed under the oil will not free, it is best to remove.


4, feed the problem, the second day the car can not start, often hit the power out of the matter?

It is recommended to check whether the 100-watt lamp has been modified. If the 100-watt lamp has been changed, it will consume a lot of electricity. (Xenon lamp does not consume electricity. Look again whether the battery is aging, if every time the motor drag water is eight out of line batteries, it is recommended to replace 12 volt 8 or 9 a battery. Fuel your car to see if the light changes with the throttle when it starts properly.

5, the chain will ring what's going on?

Suggest if sound has regular, chain of rear wheel of empty gear turns at one time tight at one time loosen is chain stretch, be out of shape, after changing chain, strange sound disappears. If the sound is still too loud after the replacement, it is the problem of Little Fly, and if big fly is serious, it will be very loud. Small flywheel wear and tear the best car or the original parts, domestic thin, the chain will be installed on the mine. The domestically produced DAFei is barely usable.

6. When in gear! Of 1, some big small, belong to normal?

As long as it is a motorcycle will have, don't be surprised! If the clutch has not been put into gear after grasping the clutch, the car will feel like rushing forward, indicating that the clutch stroke has gone through a period, adjust the clutch screw on the left hand. If there is still no improvement, then adjust the screw on the clutch drum. As long as the hot car for a while automatically disappeared, and downhill glide to wait for the speed of the car to slow down can be put in gear, or the impact will be issued. Hurt the car! When you speed up, one gear, two, and three will make the same sound, and the faster the faster, the louder the sound.

7. What is the cause of direction dithering?

Check whether the head bearing loose ore, the car under normal circumstances is mostly due to tire aging deformation, replace the front tire can. Direction turn heavy or grab direction, check the air pressure before, most likely due to insufficient air pressure before the tire.

8. Abnormal sound of the brake disc. Is there any sound of the neutral cart listening to the brake disc?

Slight rustling is normal. If the cart is straining or rotating, the brake disc is out of shape or the caliper is resetting is abnormal. Check the brake pad and replace or clean the caliper piston.

9. How to remove the hub?

It is suggested that a person with a big frame can remove the front and rear wheels. If there is no big frame, use bricks or other things. Lift the car up and put something under the exhaust pipe to remove the hub.

10. The solution to the rusty exhaust pipe?

It is recommended to remove the exhaust pipe, pay attention to the screw removal and installation do not twist too tight, it will slide the wire, after removing it, clean it, spray it twice with high temperature paint resistant to 800 degrees, dry it and install it, do not touch the mud and water for a week. Otherwise there will be a mark.