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The more sophisticated the motorcycle, the louder the sound?
Release date:2020.06.11

When we go out, we often hear a loud motorcycle, roaring past, very attractive.

Sometimes, you will find that the loud motorcycle is so superior that the person who can afford it has a car.

Why, one wonders, do the engines of these motorcycles make so much noise, while the engines of cars make so little noise?

In fact, this problem mainly depends on the owners of different preferences, not to say that the engine noise means that the vehicle is good or bad. Many motorcycle players choose a motorcycle when there is a very important indicator, that is the sound of the motorcycle performance. But as a family car, who CARES about the engine's sound? Most of us will study whether the space of this car is large, whether the configuration is complete and whether the interior is luxurious, so the car owner and the motorcycle owner are basically two kinds of people.

Many car owners will say that the motorcycle engine technology is backward, so it is very loud. In fact, the technology is backward indeed, but this is only for the motorcycle below 10,000 yuan, some imported large motorcycles, their technical level is not inferior to the car, the car can have the technology they have, the car does not have the technology they also have, but their voice is still very harsh. Therefore, the level of technology is certainly a certain factor, but not in the decisive factor. Many motorcycles have a single cylinder engine, and their sound is very quiet. Because the simpler the structure is, the less friction it has in the process of running, and the less sound it makes. How many of those small displacement motorcycles are very loud? Even if it's running at idle, you won't hear the engine.


So, the size of the motorcycle howls of main source of the cylinder block structure, the more advanced motorcycle, block structure is more complex, the motorcycle in the eyes of some rich people have become a walking tool, tool to a pursuit of stimulation, people pursuit is it beautiful sweet tone, the roar of the surging and super acceleration and flowing of handling. No matter from its powertrain or exhaust system, motorcycles will try every means to satisfy high-end motorcycle enthusiasts for the continuous pursuit of sound, so we see high-end motorcycles show the kind of strong roaring waves.