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Though the spark plug is insignificant, it is the terminal actuator of the ignition system.
Release date:2020.06.11

As for the spark plug on a motorcycle, it is also called the fire nozzle in some places. Among the riders I have met, many of them are in two extremes. At one extreme are those who have been riding for years and still do not know there is such a thing, let alone pay attention to its work; The other extreme is highly valued, think that the motorcycle ignition all depends on it, even if the deal with money also willing to invest, usually not iridium, even from some imported old car removed a few used the original car spark plug is also as a treasure!

I don't support either view. Spark plugs are of course very important. After all, they are the terminal actuators of the ignition system. But that doesn't make it any more important. In fact, the most important thing is the brain that directs it -- the ECU for the electric jet, the igniter for the carburetor. Still take human body as an example, the hand is born again delicate, if the brain inside a blank, the hand also can not do what pattern!

Motorcycle in the process of daily driving, spark plug is easy to produce faults such as overheating, carbon deposition, ablation and other problems, regardless of the occurrence of any of the above faults, will directly affect the normal work of the engine.

The failure of overheating is mostly due to the wrong calorific value. As for the calorific value problem, as mentioned in our previous post, those who are interested can browse the historical information and have a look.


Ablative failure, mostly spark plug quality is not good, the material is too poor, unable to resist tens of thousands of V spark continuous discharge ablative electrode incomplete.

Carbon failure is one of the most common problems. The root cause of carbon accumulation is that the mixture combustion is not complete, did not burn the gasoline will become carbon accumulation attached to the spark plug, cylinder head, valve and other parts.

Why would you have an incomplete combustion of the mixture? The reason:

First, there is too much oil, such as carburetor failure, oil level is too high, resulting in mixture too thick, unable to burn clean;

Second, the intake of air is too little, such as the empty filter blocked, the point of suction can not enter enough air, resulting in the mixture too thick;

Third, although the gas and oil into the proportion is enough, but poor atomization, unable to form a uniform mixture, will also lead to combustion;

Fourth, the fire is broken, can not form an effective ignition ignition ignition mixture, so burn not.

These reasons in yesterday and in the previous post have said in detail, today do not begin to say.

When the spark plug electrode produces a lot of carbon deposition, it will cause the vehicle starting difficulty, fuel consumption will increase greatly. Because enters the cylinder on the spark plug ignition electrode mixture could burn, if there is a carbon deposit or electrode parts clearance for more hours, spark plug will naturally, dropping ignition energy loss caused by the ignition problem gradually, make into the mixture of cylinder can't completely full burning, its driving speed will slow obviously, while the fuel consumption will increase a lot.

Some of you said, what does this carbon have to do with the spark? It's a big deal! First of all, after carbon deposition, because its thermal conductivity is far less than that of the metal body, it will seriously affect the spark plug temperature, which is equivalent to affecting the heat value of the spark plug in a disguised way.

And that's not the most important thing. Carbon is the conductor. The new spark plug, between the two electrodes, only the center electrode and the side electrode are closest to each other. If there is too much carbon deposition, it will accumulate around the central electrode, and the nearest distance will not be the side electrode, which will lead to random discharge, disperse the ignition energy, affect the ignition intensity, thus affecting the ignition efficiency and reducing the engine power. If there's more carbon, it might even cause a short circuit between the two electrodes, so there would be no spark at all and the car wouldn't start.

Now that we know how to tell if there's something wrong with the motorcycle by the color of the spark plug, we know how to choose the spark plug. Spark plugs are good to use, but there is no need to use expensive ones. After all, the price increase of high-end spark plugs is much greater than the performance improvement. In addition, the spark plug is expendable, if the motorcycle has problems, sometimes even a few days may need to replace the spark plug, so, pay attention to the performance as well as the price.