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How should motorcycle spare parts be classified?
Release date:2020.06.11

Engine and motorcycle accessories:

Assembly crankcase cylinder piston ring crankshaft valve camshaft fuel tank filter cleaner fuel pump oil pump carburetor electric injection and exhaust water tank fan others.

Driving system parts:

Motorcycle accessories clutch transmission transmission transmission control device motorcycle starter gear motorcycle belt drive assembly chain drive assembly shaft drive assembly.

Walking system parts:

Frame fender fork shock absorption accessories Wheel hub rim tires lock alarm bumper view mirror miscellaneous box frame handrail windshield accessories.

Control system parts:

Steering column handlebars, handlebars and steering gear soft shaft, pull brake pedal, pull rod ABS and other brake parts.

Electrical appliances and instruments:

Accumulator generator start motor brush rectifier beyond clutch distributor spark plug switch lamps and signal device horn meter sensor relay wiring harness register other electrical parts.

Common parts and related:

Seal rubber, plastic rubber, plastic hard pipe, hose powder metallurgy casting and forging parts, stamping parts standard parts, fastener bearing, axle sleeve gear paint, adhesive lubricating oil other materials and motorcycle safety products helmet riding clothing