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Electric jet motorcycle cannot start, how should check?
Release date:2020.06.17

The first step in troubleshooting an efI is to turn on the ignition switch, observe the fuel gauge or the fuel level warning light, and check the fuel tank for fuel stock.

Since fuel pumps are installed in fuel tanks of e-jet motorcycles, no backup fuel tanks are set up, which most users do not understand. There is not enough fuel in the tank, the fuel pump cannot establish fuel supply pressure, and of course the vehicle cannot start.

Also, the fuel pump is submerged in the fuel tank, which helps the fuel pump dissipate heat. If the fuel is too low, the fuel pump will fail to dissipate heat. After these problems are confirmed, we will proceed to the next step:

With the ignition switch on, the ECU indicator will be on until the engine has been turned off for a few seconds (see left), indicating that the ECU indicator is working properly.

If use start device start engine, motorcycle won't start, can be in 1 seconds after the ignition switch on, will diagnose interface sub 5 seconds (fingertips motorcycle note: the provided method is mainly applicable to some older models of DianPenChe, most of the new model is cancelled diagnostic interface, and USES the OBD interface directly output data), to read in the ECU fault code.


Since the engine is not started, the ECU computer does not have the input signal of each sensor, and the ECU indicator shows only 3 fault codes (CL125-6 electric spraying vehicle) (the number of fault codes is different for different models, and some models may not show fault codes).

(1) When the transmission line of the oil pump fails, the code is "51" (i.e. the number of flashes of the ECU indicator light is 5 seconds long and 1 second short);

(2) The transmission line of the oil pump is broken and its fault code is "52" (i.e., the flashing frequency of THE ECU indicator light is 5 seconds long and 2 seconds short);

(3) Short circuit of oil pump transmission line, the fault code is "53" (i.e., flashing frequency of ECU indicator light: 5 seconds long and 3 seconds short).

Can be combined with the fault code display, confirm whether the fuel pump and its transmission lines are open or short circuit fault, according to the situation to troubleshoot.

If there is no problem, turn on the ignition switch while keeping your ear close to the fuel tank and listen carefully for the sound of the fuel pump motor working. If there is a sound from the fuel pump, but it stops working after a few seconds, it indicates that the electronic injection system is working normally.

To this end, find a wire, connect the negative control line of the fuel pump motor to the ground wire briefly, and then turn on the ignition switch. If the fuel pump resumes working, it indicates that the fuel pump control circuit outside the electronic injection system is normal, and the fault may occur in the ECU ECU electronic control unit or the fuel pump relay.