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Why don't moviegoers like motorcycles made in China?
Release date:2020.06.17

European motorcycle

Its biggest advantage is that it has a handsome appearance, because they pay more attention to design sense, such as the Ferrari of motorcycles known as the Ducati; And MV Augusta, which takes design to the extreme; BMW has built on this, relying on the strong technical support of its parent company, with a new twist on electronic systems.

KTM is an exception among European motorcycle brands, because it pays more attention to the performance and power part of the product. KTM is also the most representative and the fastest expanding brand among European motorcycle brands.


Japanese motorcycle

As is known to all, excellent product quality is the key to the global ranking of Japanese motorcycle sales. Meanwhile, there is also a very deep accumulation in technology. In addition, Japanese motorcycles in each segment of the market coverage is very wide, so there will be today's achievement. Of course, the following motorcycles are not perfect, for example, when it comes to electronics, they are more conservative than other cars.

American motorcycle

Many riders probably got their idea about motorcycles from Hollywood movies. In my memory, the image of the hero driving an American cruise car on the wide road has been deeply imprinted in my mind. In addition to its large size, American motorcycle is also characterized by large displacement and strong low twist, but it is slightly inferior to European motorcycle in terms of technology, design and quality.

Motorcycles made in China

Although we were a late starter, the Chinese motorcycle market peaked in the '80s and' 90s when Chinese motorcycle brands sprang up. After the motorcycle market suffered a big shuffle, after the survival of the fittest, persisted the brand development is good, but in the technical and quality level, still need to improve.

Especially those emerging "web celebrity motorcycle" brand, although has extremely cool appearance and rich configuration, the price is quite ground gas, but the quality still has certain room to improve, this is also many motorcycle players do not choose the Chinese car. However, fortunately, like Haojue, Chunfeng, Zongshen and other first-line domestic brands, all aspects are steadily improving.

In general, European cars pay more attention to the appearance level, high-tech electronic configuration is also quite good; Japanese cars pay more attention to quality, comprehensive quality is relatively high; In fact, the choice of American car is relatively simple, but American cruise is still a favorite of many people; The advantage of Chinese-made cars is their low price. If you have a limited budget, it is a good idea to choose a first-tier Chinese brand.