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Notes for Motorcycle Engine Maintenance (ii)
Release date:2020.06.17

1. The application of lubricating oil for machine parts assembly is indispensable

Assembled by dismantling the pieces to evenly apply adequate amount to the new lubricating oil in the bonding parts, such as the crankshaft and bearing, gear CAM and enclosure, change gear and gear block, between the cylinder plug ring, wipe on lubricating oil assembly will be more smooth, and tightly closed box, avoid assemble various pieces of dry hair acerbity, closed box is difficult, so that the damaged parts.

2. Use standard gaskets and sealant with caution

Assembly of the engine, the choice of new gasket can not be ignored, if the choice of non-standard gasket, will cause oil leakage, start difficult (two stroke vehicle air intake leakage, resulting in the mixture is too thin, so it is difficult to get the car), even more will cause oil blockage, cause new faults. Especially on the cylinder pad, strict requirements, defective products are easy to burn through, the use of asbestos can not use aluminum pad, too thick will affect the compression ratio, causing the vehicle is difficult to start, driving weak. In addition, pay attention to the gasket, sealing ring should not leak, such as CY80, DX100, AX100 and other crankshaft gasket, carburetor interface gasket. Sealant is rarely used in engine assembly, only in the two-stroke car box assembly, CB cylinder head will be used, four stroke engine assembly generally a drop of sealant does not need to be coated, such as C100, CG125, CG150, GY6 and other joints of the gasket, gasket can be well sealed. Although besmear sealant is advantageous to seal, but sealant many also can clog oil path, cause new fault. If sealant is applied to the joint with the gasket, the gasket will be stuck dead and the sealing effect will be lost, such as CG125 and GY6 cylinder head.


3. Pay attention to the replacement of oil seals

During the overhaul of the engine, the relevant oil seals that have been disassembled and assembled will have different degrees of operation. New products should be replaced appropriately to prevent oil leakage or mixture leakage, which will cause start-up difficulties. It is difficult to buy oil seal of individual large displacement motorcycle or special-shaped motorcycle, if the original car oil seal operation is not big, you can remove the spring of the lip of oil seal, cut off about 5mm, you can use as usual.

4. Installation and debugging should be carried out while accessories are being replaced

Replacement of damaged parts to standardize the operation, correct installation, good debugging, nip in the bud. Such as replacing C100 the start shaft, remove the shaft before start to do well with a hacksaw blade on the box body position of gear mark, completion of the new product the start shaft, in box, please try start (not only to start smoothly, but also to begin after the return, start the gear and the gear each block), and tighten the retaining bolt, at the same time change test-based transmission clear whether changes in each block freely, oil pump shaft is installed, in order to avoid the emergence of a new failure.

5, do a good job of waterproof work

The wiring harness connected to the engine should be inserted into the position to do waterproof and rainproof work. After the engine is installed on the big frame, the wiring harness should be straightened out and the plug should not be missed to ensure that the lighting charging circuit works normally. In addition, waterproof cover should be installed firmly, the wire harness is firmly stuck, no waterproof cover application waterproof tape wrapped tightly.

6. Pay attention to the ando atmospheric balance hole hose

I have seen many motorcycles after the overhaul, the atmospheric balance hole rubber pipe leakage, long, the balance hole is blocked by foreign matter, causing the engine internal temperature is too high, driving weak, no high-speed phenomenon. Additional, rubber hose is discounted, be stuck in big rack, also can cause afore-mentioned phenomenon.

7, the engine and the big frame to connect the wire to install firmly

General electric start motorcycle, between the engine and the big frame there is a thick tie wire, both ends must be solid, avoid virtual connection, otherwise, it will cause the start motor work weak, difficult to start.

8, the engine fixed parts can not leak installation

I have seen the motorcycle engine after many times of overhaul, the fixed parts are not less this, or lack that, for example: the engine and the large flexible combination of steel rubber sleeve leakage assembly, will cause engine resonance, the driver feel very uncomfortable, and even cause driving danger. Chongqing 80, Jetta 100, Jincheng 90, etc., are all of this kind of structure. In addition, the flat pad and spring gasket on the missing engine fixing bolt will cause the engine to become loose and affect the driving safety.