market dynamics
Failure and maintenance of mopeds
Release date:2020.06.23

(1) Check the spark plug nozzle if it is dry and there is little petrol smell that the mixture ratio is too thin

Causes: fuel tank switch is not open, carburetor is blocked, pipeline is blocked, mixing ratio is too low

(2) Check the spark plug nozzle is very wet, there are a lot of oil beads, gasoline smell is very strong that the mixture is too strong

Causes: carburetor float damage, oil level too high, mixing ratio too high

(3) The reasons for the wrong ignition time include:

1. Failure of ignition regulator and igniter

2. Magneto platinum burned out


(4) Reasons for noise of mopeds:

1. High compression ratio causes deflagration (premature ignition, excessive carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber, spark plug failure)

2. Piston ring friction cylinder wall (rustle)

3. Piston skirt hitting cylinder wall (cold car, lack of lubricating oil)

4. Connecting rod colliding crankcase wall (caused by excessive wear)

(5) Reasons for fuel consumption of mopeds:

1. Oil leakage (oil tank, oil pipe, carburetor)

2, the engine overheating, the engine sealing is not strict

3. Excessive carbon accumulation in piston top, valve top and muffler leads to fuel consumption

4. Too much mixture

(6) Reasons for overheating of mopeds:

1. Ignition delay

2. Lack of oil

3. The gasoline does not meet the rated value

4, overload

5, carbon deposit

6. Grease, mud and dust on the radiator fin of engine head

7. Too thin or too thick mixture (too thick mainly)

8. The exhaust pipe is blocked

Solution: Stop and turn off, determine where the problem is, and fix it later

(7) Reasons for automatic stalling of mopeds:

1. Too high temperature (too high temperature causes piston ring expansion and cylinder bite -- stop and turn off)

2. The fuel tank is out of fuel

3. The oil road is blocked

4, spark plug fire weak or no fire

5, high voltage line short circuit or leakage

6, the spark plug high pressure cap contact is poor

7. Bite cylinder (pull cylinder)

8. Low idle speed

9. Carburetor is clogged

10, short circuit, flameout line iron