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Motorcycle circuit fault maintenance tools necessary
Release date:2020.06.23

The first job you need is a multimeter. Multimeter has the characteristics of small size, light weight and wide use. It is one of the necessary tools for electrical system maintenance and fault detection. It is a kind of combined instrument, which combines ac-DC voltmeter, AC-DC ammeter, resistance meter and other kinds of instruments together.

The commonly used multimeters are digital and pointer. Digital display multimeter, easy to use, reading clear intuitive, high precision features. The deficiency is that when detecting dynamic data, the detection number varies greatly under the influence of the outside world and there is a certain error. Data measurement, digital display, with a built-in 9V laminated battery.


The second can be used as a backup test lamp. The test lamp has simple structure, convenient to use, intuitive inspection effect and can be made by oneself. In other words, weld two different colored wires on the 12V/10W headlamp bulb and connect two alligator clips or test pens on the two wires.

The third is the electronic jet motorcycle fault detector. The e - jet fault detector is mainly composed of host, display, connector and other components. When in use, connect the plug-in piece of the e-jet motorcycle detector with the plug-in piece of the preset testing port under the car seat, and set the button of the detector at the same position as the tested model.

When the ignition switch is turned on, the display screen will list the faults of the car in text, and you just need to check and repair according to the prompts. In the current situation of more and more electric spray vehicles, electronic spray detector has the characteristics of easy operation and use, small volume and light weight, excellent product quality, accurate fault inspection, etc., deeply welcomed by repairmen, fingertip motorcycle shop is also equipped with "Bluetooth electronic spray detector", interested can choose.