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These "false faults" on the motorcycle don't need to be fixed!
Release date:2020.06.29

1. When braking, the hub gives out abnormal sound.

This depends on the specific situation, if as mentioned above, just after washing the car brake pad ring, or use after a period of time, brake pads is ringing, if brake braking performance is very good, this is a "false failure", this is occurring between the wheel and formed a smooth contact, friction produced by a sound, especially in iron wheels of the car, may be the material of aluminum alloy wheel hub of the brake lining steel and machining process and steel wheels are different, so can more reflect on the steel wheel, no need to worry about this kind of failure he also, of course, some users feel the voice is difficult to accept, you can do it yourself, The brake pad is ground a few grooves can solve, do not have to change the brake pad. The following figure left left left

In addition, there are some before the disc brake motorcycle, the new car riding up to hear the brake pad and brake disc friction sound, this also does not matter, with a long point of nature will not have.

2. The exhaust pipe expands and contracts in heat and cold.

Ride after a section of the road parking, heard beeps, motorcycle engine direction from fast to slow, especially obvious in winter, many users think motorcycle engine is not normal, actually don't have to make a fuss, it's just a motorcycle engine exhaust pipe heat bilges cold shrink to produce the internal stress of the company's sound, why performance is more obvious in winter? Because the winter engine ride hot, stop, the temperature is lower, more likely to produce thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, so, this is not a fault!


3. The exhaust pipe leaks.

Many motorcycle users find that their motorcycle exhaust pipe will leak, thinking that the exhaust pipe has a quality problem, at least a hole, will leak liquid, do not know what the liquid is. In fact, almost all straddle bike exhaust pipes have a sewage hole, the main role is to drain the exhaust pipe in the sewage, that exhaust pipe where the sewage? This is because gasoline combustion produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, water vapor meets the exhaust pipe after cooling, will condense into water, if the sewage is not discharged in a timely manner, it will combine with carbon dioxide to form acid sewage, which is very easy to rust through the exhaust pipe! So the tailpipe designer designed a small hole in the lowest part of the tailpipe to drain the fluid. Representative of this phenomenon: Suzuki Wang.

4. Start the drawing damper of the cold car.

Some users reflect the plunger type carburetor motorcycle starting difficulty in winter, what's the trouble with always thought, mainly displays in the plunger machine of wuyang motorcycle with CG design, in fact, in winter, as long as no preheating function of motorcycle carburetor, start to pull air door, many users is not approved, think vehicles have fault, some users said why don't other people's car pull throttle? Don't pull throttle car, either the carburetor has electric heating function (such as the new sharp puma, five feng lang), motorcycle or ems, or winter draw damper are normal, may be not can start under the influence of damper to play more, but this is not a good phenomenon, because it is easy to bad starter motor to play more, there is no preheating function of the carburetor car pull damper can start the car's fuel consumption could be quite high. Winter must pull the damper representative model: New Ben wanli line.

5, when the motorcycle engine driving to hear the sound of a shout, sometimes not.

I encountered many such problems, the user reflect colorful, resolutely decided that the vehicle may have a problem, it is possible that the wheels which aspects of the problem, anyway, sometimes clearly heard a shout a voice, in fact, this is not a vehicle failure, but the vehicle to have isolated pier road, after the exhaust noise, isolation pier of echo, when there is no isolation pier to the road surface, this kind of sound will disappear, this is not a vehicle failure, also need not repair.