market dynamics
Questions from the new motorcycle riders
Release date:2020.06.29

1.There is a line in the middle of my new tire. Has someone cut it?

No, that line is the mark left when the tire is taken out from the mold during production. It has no effect on the performance.

2. Is it safe to use the front brake? Won't you hug it?

The front brake is the most effective and safe brake on a street motorcycle.

Under normal circumstances, the front brake should be responsible for more than 70% of the braking function of the whole car, while the rear brake should be used as an auxiliary to perfect the whole braking process (to help optimize the braking efficiency and the winding in the middle). There are plenty of racing drivers who never use the rear brake, only the front.

If you're worried about being locked, many of the big displacement motorcycles on sale come with ABS, so you can't be locked; Secondly, even if there is no anti-lock system, it is not so easy to hold the front brake, to have the courage and deliberate attempt to complete; Finally, it is far easier to brake after locking than before.

3 .The seat of my motorcycle is too high. Can I install the Lower link?

You can "cut the seat" and adapt to it. You can park on one leg, but the Lower link is definitely not allowed. It radically alters the geometry of the original car without reason, ruining the car's handling.

The Lower link is a motorbike indicator, and you don't even know what the Lower link is.


4.Which liter car has the fastest speed of 100 kilometers?

The straight-line acceleration of all public upgraded sports motorcycles is extremely fast, all of which can achieve about 3 seconds, but it is very difficult to accurately measure the 100km acceleration performance of a car: 1. A gap of two tenths of a second is not enough to account for the inherent power gap of the vehicle. Therefore, in motorcycle evaluation, we will avoid taking the 100 km acceleration result as the basis to judge the vehicle acceleration performance.

If you really want to know the performance of a motorcycle linear acceleration performance, its 400 meters linear acceleration performance is more convincing and reliable.

5. The bottom of my motorcycle out of two more pipes, do not know where to connect, is it pulled out?

Rest assured, no one is messing with your car. Those two pipes drain the fuel when the tank is full and drain the excess coolant. They stick out from the bottom of the car to prevent the discharged fluid from getting into the exhaust or into the shell.

6. I don't ride on rainy days. Have I lost the tire tread?

Of course, a tire is not a flat tire if the tire is worn out.

In addition to drainage, tread pattern also serves as an indicator of tire wear. Usually a broken tire should be considered for replacement, not to mention a bald spot, which means your tire is completely worn out, has no grip, is dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

7.Does a racing driver's knee hurt when he bends it?

It doesn't hurt. Racers wear full-length leather clothing when they grind their knees. They also wear an abrasive pad (usually made of synthetic hard plastic) that touches the ground when they bend, not the knee.