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How many cylinders is the motorcycle engine best?
Release date:2020.07.07

"The feeling of riding a motorcycle is decided by the engine" this statement is not an exaggeration, the larger the engine exhaust volume, the more abundant natural horsepower, but the weight of the motorcycle itself will also increase, riding up, of course, will become a large motorcycle typical of that kind of majestic feeling.

How many cylinders does motorcycle engine have? This is a bit of a rough question, but let's get to it.

The most common motorcycle engine is the single cylinder, then from the two cylinder to the six cylinder, the largest is the American Boshouse direct use car V8 engine, of course, the five cylinder engine is very rare, should only Honda MOTOGP racing ever used V five cylinder engine - RC211V, as shown in the picture.


Above all you want to know, the engine that motorcycle chooses a few cylinder and position and use have closely related, generally speaking, engine of single cylinder has the advantage of small volume light weight, low cost reliability good oil consumption is low also, basically go up in the road model, for example the car that you often see on the street mores. But also because of small volume weight, combined with the cause of the high reliability, single cylinder engine is also often used on suvs or professional ADV, very appropriate, for example, you see each manufacturer factory team to participate in professional race car you are Dakar 450 cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine, of course the single-cylinder machine cost is not low, mainly take its reliability and advantage of weight, good fly slope! Isn't it? If you're going to get a four-cylinder engine, try flying a slope.

The two-cylinder engine general is mainly used to cruise the car (for example, Harley American cruise vehicle), a streetcar named (ducati, for example), large scooter (such as yamaha TMAX530), utility vehicles (such as BMW GS750) and so on models, better than single cylinder machines, high-speed performance, vibration is small, the volume and weight and smaller than four cylinder confidential, with double cylinder machine is very appropriate.

The three-cylinder machine is a combination of the advantages of the two-cylinder machine and the four-cylinder machine, which is better than the high-speed performance of the two-cylinder machine, and the weak low twist of the four-cylinder machine at low and medium speeds, so it is widely used in streetcars and imversions, such as the famous Augusta and Triumph, yamaha, are also three-cylinder car fans.

Four-cylinder engine is generally used in imitation race, with the best high-speed performance, because it is easiest to reach high speed, so it is widely used in high-performance imitation race, such as BMW S1000RR and Honda CBR1000RR. Theoretically, the more cylinders, the easier it is to reach high speed, so why not use six-cylinder engine? You also have to consider weight and volume, right? Six cylinder machine so huge volume and weight, will seriously affect the control, the results of this has a comprehensive balance, four-cylinder engine or high-performance streetcar in the imitation game models, high-speed performance and volume weight balance was one of the most appropriate engine, as a result, the engine in various brand flagship imitation game inside is the most common.

As for the six-cylinder engines, the large luxury station wagons like the Honda GL1800 and THE BMW K1600GT are quite suitable for use, with smooth power. As for the large size and weight, they are not so sensitive, because they are both big.

Motorcycle engine cylinder number is the most closely relationship with purpose and positioning, doing what kind of engine is right, there is no a few cylinder engine is best, like no one with single cylinder under the suv track challenge those four cylinder on the machine, no one take four cylinder of BMW S1000RR mud off-road inside, is this meaning.