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Is it really difficult to lift the heavy motorcycle of more than 200 kilograms?
Release date:2020.07.07

Anti - cab handle upright support car

This tip USES the strength of your back, legs and arms to lift the vehicle directly. It is suitable for a motorcycle rider with abundant strength. First, turn the handlebars in your direction. If you are on the left, turn left and vice versa. The second step is to prevent the vehicle from moving when it is lifted up, the front brake can be tied with articles of rope type. Step 3 Keep your arms straight and grip the handlebars, feet shoulder-width apart in a horse-drawn posture, and remember to keep your back straight. The fourth step, the waist, the legs and the arms at the same time slowly step power, this is very important. Too much force may cause you to stand on the other side of the car and hold on again.

It is important to be very careful when applying force, as excessive force can cause injury to the handlebars.


Positive help car

This way of picking up the car is to get a better position by lying on the top of the car to achieve the purpose of saving effort. There are some similar requirements to the anti-cab handlebars, such as the handlebars facing you, the back and legs working slowly at the same time, and locking the vehicle in first gear or with the front brake. What differ is to the requirement of force of upper limbs greatly reduce, make full use of human body relatively strong ham muscle group will undertake send force.

The hips cannot be lifted ahead of time

Hold the handlebars and the rear rack in both hands to stabilize the body and fix the body. Then push the legs forward slowly and steadily until the body is upright and the side brace is opened.

Back support

This skill is the most labor-saving among these 3 kinds of skill, the posture that the back leans on is very advantageous to the leg ministry waist and the power that the hand sends, suit the moyo with limited strength more. Again, the handlebars must be turned back to lock the vehicle, then squat with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your waist against the seat cushion (remember that the waist does not affect the hips), hold the handlebars and the rear shelf with both hands, and slowly pedal the vehicle. This technique is more likely to overturn the vehicle in three ways, so it is necessary to make a turn when the vehicle is close to upright.