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Isn't it safe to ride a motorcycle?
Release date:2020.07.17

If we go back 10 years, it is true that motorcycles did not provide riders with safety protection at that time, because at that time, helmets, protective gear and cycling clothes were far from popular and expensive, and the driving system of motorcycles, such as shock absorption, tires and brakes, was not perfect and mature compared with that of today.

We now have all kinds of protective gear for motorcycles, and the protective clothing is of high quality. Many racing drivers have fallen and thrown long distances without injury or minor injuries. Even the common protective gear that we often use has a better protective effect. So most riders who slip and fall are fine. Of course, not wearing protective gear is another matter.

On the current motorcycle, whether domestic or imported, the driving system is increasingly perfect, braking system, shock absorption is not before comparable. The safety factor is also greatly improved.


The collision

Motorcycle crash safety accidents compared to the car to be much less, pay attention to oh, the total number of motorcycles or more than the car. First, motorcycle driver safety awareness is high (any motorcycle driver knows the risk of collision). Second, the car body dexterity is relatively easy to avoid. Three is light body, triple brake sensitive (front brake, rear brake, engine brake). Of course, speeding recklessly and driving illegally is another matter.

To compare

The comparison between cars and motorcycles is honest -- it's unfair. After all, four wheels and two wheels are not fair. The safety factor of a motorcycle is quite high when compared within the range of a two-wheeler.

Someone said, after all, the car has an iron case for protection.

If you follow this logic, tanks are probably the safest. Even the tank is not necessarily safe, the tank in the past crisscrossed the battlefield, but in the current war environment, the tank and sitting target is no different.

A kitchen knife

Someone said that motorcycle is easy to hurt others because of its fast speed.

It is also possible that any vehicle can cause harm to others. Compared to other means of transportation, such as trucks, the risk and hazard is not high or even low. If it was, it would have been a killing tool.

Besides, kitchen knife is the tool of many homicide cases, is that completely put an end to the use of kitchen knife murders will not happen again?


Motorcycles, cars, tanks, these are tools. They are tools that serve human beings. There is no safety problem in them. It is human beings who decide whether they are safe or not.

If you don't learn the driving skills, safety awareness, mental state, any tool in your hands will be a harm to others or hurt yourself.


Said so much, if the motorcycle safe driving problem said thoroughly that can be a royal book. So how exactly is it safe to drive a motorcycle?

A few words of advice:

First, must wear, helmet protection.

Second, the pursuit of speed is the only pursuit of your motorcycle, please choose aircraft (except racing drivers).

Third, freedom is relative and rules are eternal (discipline, civilized driving).

Fourth, if you are a 10-point motorcyclist, you are better off using only three points and using the remaining seven points for emergencies.