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You have to change the oil for a 5000 km motorcycle?
Release date:2020.07.17

A car with a roof can indeed shield us from the wind and rain, so that we can have a temporary shelter from the wind and rain when the ground is freezing or the snow is dancing, but it really reflects the heroic life and dripping, mainly motorcycles and electric cars. Riding a motorcycle in the streets, mountains and fields, can also feel the breath of nature, bring the mood and journey of life.

However, since the implementation of the motorcycle ban, now the streets can rarely see those zha Zha shout of young people, some non-mainstream open in the street rumble, seems to be a different kind of passion. But when it comes time to change the oil on these iron-clad motorcycles, there's a world of difference.

The three-cylinder engine has been criticized by consumers, and the automobile companies still do not know why they do not take it seriously. Instead, they make a big fight and use the three-cylinder engine as before. Is it because we cannot make an excellent four-cylinder engine domestically? In the new era and the Internet, there's more to the auto industry than meets the eye, but the rumors about how often to change the oil seem unfounded. If you don't know how it works, don't blame 4S shops or small repair shops for asking too much.


Many people think they want to the car use fully synthetic engine oil, with its density can achieve excellent lubrication and smooth first, but we usually driving motorcycles are not willing to give up using the expensive oil, the choice period oil change and manner of excellent product quality, have to wait until 10000 km to replace?

Some experts say that a motorcycle needs an oil change as soon as it reaches 5000 km.

We know that the motorcycle oil filling cap has the use of specifications, we can use it, also need to consider changing the oil filter, and pay attention to the oil filling position, if too much, but not as good as the reverse effect.