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Do not ride for a long time electric jet motorcycle parking need to pay attention to what?
Release date:2020.07.17

Some car friends asked, a period of time do not ride the electric jet motorcycle park should pay attention to what problems? You can park for a short period of time without doing anything, and only for a long period of time will you need to do some maintenance work.

Compared with the carburetor model, the biggest difference of e-jet motorcycle is that the oil supply system is more intelligent. In addition, its overall structure is basically the same as that of carburetor model. Therefore, there is no essential difference between the items to be paid attention to when parking for a long time.

One is to focus on batteries. Motorcycle batteries generally use lead-acid batteries, this battery is not a loss of electricity storage, otherwise it is easy to cause battery loss scrap, can no longer store electricity. This is because the generator does not work when the vehicle is parked, the battery is only out of the battery, a long time will cause the battery power loss damage. The simplest way to avoid this phenomenon is to solve its problem of storing electricity only to get it out.


If you don't ride for a short period of time, such as less than a month, you can remove the battery strap and disconnect from the battery pole. If not used for a few months, the battery should be removed for storage and recharged every two to three months to ensure its basic life.

The second is to discharge fuel oil. For the electric injection vehicle, because of the lack of fuel discharge port, the fuel can only be sucked out from the refueling port through the oil pipe. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the damage of fuel to the fuel pump due to the quality change. At the same time, if there is mass fuel in the fuel line, it will be very difficult to start up next time.

Third, pay attention to parking. The parking of the vehicle is also pay attention to, first to ensure the appearance of the vehicle dry and neat, then need to supplement the tire pressure, the most important point of the vehicle parking must be parked in a dry and cool place, and try to put the vehicle flat, conditions allow the need to keep the tires before and after the suspension.

Fourth, pay attention to oil. Oil, also known as lubricating oil, deteriorates over time. If lubricating oil replacement time is not long, you can ignore the operation, but if the lubricating oil replacement time is close to a maintenance cycle, or should be ahead of the vehicle maintenance, because it besides lubricating oil, and the engine has the effect of rust, this aspect of the used lubricating oil performance will drop, so according to join time can choose appropriate oil change. Even if your car is a year old and hasn't been used, you should change the oil while you're using it.