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Motorcycle maintenance of engine oil
Release date:2020.07.21

Two-stroke motorbikes are now rare, but it is important to know that lubricants are not recycled and are of course decreasing rapidly. Therefore, always check the amount of oil, if insufficient, should be timely replenishment, otherwise, it will damage the engine. Four-stroke engine motorcycle lubricants are used for cycling, so there is little reduction. As long as you don't leave the car parked, the fuel will have to be reduced. Therefore, the amount of oil must be checked frequently. Not enough oil doesn't work, but too much oil consumes horsepower. So when refueling, do not add too much. In addition, if long driving, four stroke engine motorcycle oil, lubrication performance will decline, this is because, in addition to lubrication, but also to absorb the engine internal dirt, in order to keep the engine body clean. Therefore, the oil must be changed according to the prescribed driving distance, which varies according to different models, and the oil quality should also be considered.

But in general, a change of oil is required for a journey of 3000km~5000km. The oil deteriorates due to repeated heating and cooling, even without regard to distance traveled, so change the oil at least once every three months.

When changing oil, it must be carried out according to the above main points and drawings. Care must also be taken when using tools to prevent damage to the drain cock. In general, do not use a dead board or a trap board, you should use a plum board, or sleeve board.


On a motorcycle with a two-stroke engine, there is no need to change the oil as the oil is used. However, the transmission oil or to change, but the oil change cycle can be longer. According to the requirements of the "instruction", the longest distance should not exceed 10000km, and the new oil should be replaced once. Since it is a wet clutch, it is ok to change the oil marked with MA1 or MA2, otherwise it will affect the clutch's clutch effect. Of course, the amount of oil should always be checked to keep it within the prescribed amount. For a dry clutch, such as a scooter, use the MB oil.

In the choice of oil, although not too demanding, must use the most advanced. However, pay attention to the type and quality of the oil. Racing oils, for example, do not necessarily use durable oils.

What happens to the oil? Neither can be poured into the sewer, nor buried with soil, should be sent to waste oil treatment facilities, or sent to the designated car dealer for uniform treatment.