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Instant embarrassment! Motorcycle mechanics have all made this mistake
Release date:2020.07.21

Primary Embarrassment

1, put the oil, take the open spanner a hard, snap, oil release screw Angle slipped.

2, change the oil, the oil put dry, in a hurry to add the oil, the result did not turn the oil screw, oil spill on the ground, hurriedly shovel to sand, had better not let the master know.

3, the first time to do maintenance, add oil to the motorcycle, the teacher to get other cars to go, I asked how much oil, the teacher came to the sentence, "fill up". I'm a good boy, add a bottle of oil, are not full, I opened a bottle just to add, master came over to see me that look - I will always remember. Isn't Mingming not full to the refueling stop?

4, after filling the oil did not turn the oil ruler on the motorcycle, the consequences I do not say

5, finished the oil, forgot to add the oil began to test, after a minute to remember......

6. When turning the oil screw for the scooter, the master said to tighten it. As a result, he hit the wrench with a hammer and the oil screw cracked directly.

7. When installing the oil scale, it is easy to screw it down. It takes a lot of effort to screw it up.

8, to help users adjust the chain, the back shaft screw is not loose directly adjust the chain screw, the chain regulator broke.

9, change the air filter element, I do not know how to remove the behind, a force only to listen to "pa" a sound, what also did not dare to say, after changing the air filter element, the edge installed not to go back, then the master compensated for a edge, thank the master not to kill the grace ~

10. Add air to the user. When I saw the master pulling the pipe coil freely, I also pulled the pipe coil pipe to add air to the user.

11. When I changed the left rearview mirror of Honda motorcycle, I couldn't screw it on. Finally, I had to call my master. Heart whisper: you don't say I how know?


High Grade embarrassment

12, when the master took off the cap, I accidentally pressed the start button...

13. The battery was negatively and positively connected, resulting in a fuse burning...

14, to the motorcycle chain oil, hang a 2 gear will use the brush to brush the chain oil, the user added oil, brush by the chain twisted in, fortunately I lost quickly.

15, the replacement of the spark plug has not been how hard to loose, in the new plug to screw is quite tight ~

16, once the engine crankcase loaded, found that the gear shaft of a gasket is not installed ~

I set the carburetor alight with carburetor cleaner

18, adjusted the chain after forgetting to give someone else to adjust the brake, the results heard that the somebody else brake not hit the tree in time, lived in the hospital for half a month......