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Is the electronic jet motorcycle troubleshooting code troubleshooting?
Release date:2020.07.21

With the development of motorcycle electronic spray system, in terms of intelligence, in the ECU external man-machine communication, more and more advanced, more and more humane. From the earliest flash code to now OBD interface standard data format output, more and more convenient to use.

In some models, if there is a fault, the fault light may only be long, but not flashing. In this case, the ECM system will store the fault code generated, which can be read by using the detector connected to the OBD interface. When it is displayed, there is usually a detailed explanation behind the fault code, which directly tells the repairman the approximate fault location.

On some cars, the fault indicator will flash according to certain rules after the fault code appears. By observing the flashing rules, you can know what fault code the ECM system wants you to know. For example, some models of New Continent Honda electric Spray scooter, if the fault light alarms, long flash once and short flash twice, it means fuel injector failure, which is serious and may cause the vehicle to fail to start.


Similarly, take this car as an example. When the car fails to start, observe the failure lights. If the above flashing pattern occurs, you don't need to bother to check each part, but just go straight to the fuel injector. So this kind of intelligent alarm, can point to the fault location, save the repairman a lot of time to judge the fault.

So, how do you do this? Models used as part of the new continents Honda Honda PGM to wi-fi efi system diagnostic program as an example, its fault code reading operation is this: turn off the ignition switch and remove the service interface moistureproof cover, using a dedicated short route connecting services short circuit connector (which is both terminals on the manual have specific details, this article only introduce the main steps).

Then turn on the ignition switch, at which time the fault indicator begins to flash, the number of flashing signals with a long time on the fault light represents the ten-digit fault code, and the number of flashing signals with a short time on the fault light represents the single-digit fault code. The two together are the code name for the fault code. As mentioned above, long blink 1 time, short blink 2 times, it represents the fault code is 12. After reading the fault code, turn off the ignition switch, disconnect the service short-circuit connector, cover the dust cover, and the whole operation of reading the fault code is completed.

In addition, there are other operations such as eliminating fault code, ECU reset, throttle valve reset, etc., which are described in detail in "Fault Diagnosis and Detection of Motorcycle Electronic Spray System" compiled by Ruan Tianlin for Fingertip motorcycle.

The flicker of a fault light is caused by a fault and accurately indicates the fault location. Therefore, before the fault code is cleared, the fault parts or related lines involved in the fault content must be found in the fault code table of the model (as shown in the figure above) and managed to be eliminated. Otherwise, even if the fault code is cleared, the fault code will be re-generated after the next start, and affect the relevant performance of the engine, do not think that the fault code is eliminated, this is a pure mistake.