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The motorcycle market quietly transformation, entertainment motorcycle sales heating up
Release date:2020.07.28

As a practical means of transportation, motorcycle has been favored by many consumers. And the moment you step on your motorbike, no longer that oily boy who is not famous, no longer coming home early and late to earn money for your family, you have only one label: knight.

Nowadays, as more and more families choose to buy cars, the consumption tendency of motorcycles is quietly changing, that is, from the practical means of transportation for commuting to the direction of entertainment.

On May 24, the reporter arrived at the qin state of suiyeh motorcycle market, among them some brand motorcycle agent tian told reporters: "in the motorcycle industry, we generally call below 50 ml of portable motorcycle, called small motorcycle, under 250 ml 500 ml in the hereafter called displacement motorcycle, belong to large displacement motor under 1000 ml. From the use of buyers to divide, 150 ml and less displacement can be called commuter motorcycle, 150 ml or less, 500 ml or less can be called commuter + entertainment motorcycle, and 500 ml or more is pure entertainment motorcycle. From the point of the current sales situation, under 150 ml of walking type motorcycle is impacted by the electric bicycle is the most obvious, the market is declining, but because of its large market, still is the largest motorcycle sales market, and more than 150 ml and displacement of recreational motorcycle sales market began to expand obviously, especially in 150 ~ 250 ml displacement motorcycle is' gold displacement in the sales market, is also the most rich, personalized motorcycle vehicle types in the family of the most obvious, 2 ~ 30000 yuan price range is also easy to let consumers to accept, now the weather is getting warm, suitable for cycling, When times are good we sell two or three a day."


"With the improvement of material conditions, motorcycles are no longer out of reach. Each rider has a different demand for motorcycles. Therefore, they have derived 8 categories of suVs, street sports cars, rally cars and OFF-road vehicles to choose from," Xiao Xu, a motorcycle consumer, told reporters.

Wang, a motorcycle shopper, told reporters: "Driving a motorcycle is freer and more close to nature. The sense of participation is incomparable with cars. During the epidemic earlier this year, public transport was forced to stop and car access was restricted, which also made me firmly want to buy a motorcycle. I can commute to work on weekdays and have a trip on weekends and holidays." Mr. Wang said he wanted to buy a 250-milliliter long-haul rally motorcycle from the Sino-japanese joint venture, priced at 31, 000 yuan.

At present, the motorcycle market and culture is a stage of great development. In particular, personalized motorcycles begin to emerge in large quantities. Moyou of urban mobility and long-distance motorcycle travel grow rapidly, and more and more young consumers begin to take motorcycles as a means of transportation.

At the same time, motorcycle is also becoming a way of life, entertainment, social contact, appearance tends to personalized, fashionable, more than 250cc large displacement car sales rapidly increase.